How to Land 500 Hits on Orca in ‘The Wind Waker HD’

The Legend of Zelda, The Wind Waker HD

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD is a beloved entry in the Zelda franchise with its introduction of Toon Link and the cel-shaded graphics many have come to love. The Wii U edition of the Gamecube classic has added support for the gamepad where your inventory and map will be available in your hands instead of being a screen you switch to on your TV.

Improvements have been made from the original version but one returning trial is the fight with Orca to get that elusive heart container. For those looking to reach 100 percent completion on the game or for lovers of heart containers in general, this guide is for you.

Orca can be found in your home town of Outset Island. He is the guy who helped you learn how to use the sword at the beginning of the game.

Once the story takes you back to Outset Island, you will be able to challenge Orca to a series of challenges in which is have to land a certain number of blows on him before he can land three on you. At 500 blows landed, you’ll earn a heart container.

The Legend of Zelda, The Wind Waker HD

An easy way to do this is to keep him in the center of the room on the round platform. If you lock onto him, you can keep slashing at him and make sure to not parry his attacks. What I did was hit him with the B combo once or twice and raise my shield when I saw him rearing up for an attack. If you do this correctly and raise your shield, his attack will bounce off your shield and he’ll be open for more attacks. If you rinse and repeat this strategy, that precious heart container will be all yours.

You can keep going to 999 and get the title of Master from him. It isn’t really necessary as you’ll just get some rupees and new title but you could easily keep going with this strategy.