Dock Problems With Nintendo Switch

Switch Dock Scratching The Switch?!Nintendo Switch might have some trouble in paradise! There are new reports that the dock MIGHT be scratching the bezel on the switch. We hope none of you are having this problem. Blunty has a similar issue! LIMITED LAUNCH WEEK SHIRTS + SWITCH GIVEAWAY: Follow Us On Twitter: Follow Us on Instagram:…2017-03-03T23:24:19.000Z

Nintendo Switch owners are reporting their dock for their new console is scratching their screen or is bent.

(From Glixel)

Glixel posted a few pictures of what the dock is doing to the console. The pictures show scratches are appearing just to the side of the screen.

Users have been coming up with creative ways to prevent the scratching like this one, as seen on Reddit.

Nintendo Switch

On top of the scratching problem, owners are reporting their Switch dock is bent.

It’s possible the added pressure from being bent inward is causing the Switch to scrape alongside the dock while being pulled out or put in and cause scratches.

This isn’t the first time Nintendo has run into problems regarding new products. Back in 2006, Nintendo announced a voluntary replacement of 3.2 million wiimote straps after users claimed they kept breaking.


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