Orisa is ‘Overwatch’s’ New Hero

Blizzard announced Overwatch‘s new hero today.

Given a two star difficulty, Orisa is a tank character that has the ability to attack from long range and launch graviton charges to slow and move enemies. She can use a Supercharger to boost the damage of multiple allies at once.

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Overwatch’s website lists the five abilities of the new hero:

  • Fusion Driver: An automatic projectile cannon that delivers sustained damage but slows her movement while firing.
  • Fortify: Temporarily reduces damage taken and can’t be affected by action-impairing effects.
  • Halt!: Launches a graviton charge that detonates and slows nearby enemies while also pulling them towards the blast.
  • Protective Barrier: Throws out a stationary barrier that can protect her and her allies from enemy fire.
  • Supercharger: Deploys a device to increase damage inflicted by allies within her line of sight.

Blizzard released a video depicting the origin story of Orisa:

[NEW HERO – AVAILABLE ] Orisa Origin Story | OverwatchCatch up with robotics prodigy Efi Oladele and meet her newest creation: Orisa! Learn more about Orisa : blizz.ly/Orisa Read the PTR patch notes: blizz.ly/2mQ0WqI Begin Your Watch: blizz.ly/BuyOverwatch Like Us on Facebook: facebook.com/playoverwatch Follow Us on Twitter: twitter.com/playoverwatch Follow us on Instagram: instagram.com/playoverwatch2017-03-02T18:01:38.000Z

Her origin story says she was built by 11-year-old Efi Oladele, a girl who was already awarded the Adawe Foundation’s “genius grant” due to her accomplishments in robotics and artificial intelligence.

The story goes on to say Orisa has much to learn about the world and her functionality but as long as she’s guided by Efi, Orisa is ready to protect Numbani and her creator at any cost.

Overwatch now has 24 heroes total and has added three new ones since launch. Orisa is currently available to play on the PC version’s public test realm.

The 2016 title won Game of the Year at last night’s Game Developer’s Choice Awards 2017.

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