Playstation Plus: Free Games for March 2017

PlayStation Plus | Your PS4 Monthly Games for March 2017 | PS4Your March PlayStation Plus games are coming! Unfold an incredible adventure and uncover the true power of the DUALSHOCK 4 to join Atoi the messenger in the magical papery world of Tearaway Unfolded. Then experience Disc Jam, a fast-paced action-sports game that pits 2-4 players against each other in a frantic combination of air hockey…2017-03-01T16:28:33.000Z

The latest lineup of Playstation Plus free games is now available. These games are available for “free” provided you have a subscription to Playstation Plus. These games will remain available to you as long as you keep your subscription active.

Free Games:

Lumo is part of the crossbuy feature for Playstation so it will be available on both the Vita and PS4.

Disc Jam, PS4, PS Plus

Disc Jam gameplay (Playstation)

Disc Jam: It looks like a blend between tennis and air hockey. Players compete by throwing a glowing disc back and forth while using abilities to propel the disc off their side of the court.

Tearaway Unfolded: This 2015 platformer is actually a remake of the PS Vita game Tearaway. The player navigates through mostly paper environments while being tasked with sending a message to a portal in the sky.

Under Night: In Birth: A 2D fighting game with graphics resembling a Manga or Anime. The PS3 version is a revision of the original game which was originally an Arcade exclusive.

Earth Defense Force 2025: A third person shooter featuring co-op multiplayer where the players fight against hordes of giant insects and aliens. The game has since seen a remaster for the PS4.

Lumo: An isometric platformer is game designed for those who long for the way games were 30 years ago. The game features pop-culture references from the time and features over 400 rooms across four different zones.

Severed: An RPG where you play as a warrior trying to piece together parts of her story from the past and the future. The game has touch-based combat mechanics with offensive and defensive techniques.

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