‘Pokemon Go’ Generation Two Counters List: Best Counters for Each Pokemon

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‘Pokemon Go’ is available for iOS and Android devices. (Niantic)

Over 80 new Pokemon were added into Pokemon Go last month, and players have since gotten a much better sense of how to counter some of the most powerful new creatures.

In particular, it’s vital that trainers have an understanding of how to counter the best new defenders in the game. Among the new Pokemon, by far the best defender is Blissey; in fact, Blissey is now the best defender in the entire game. To counter Blissey, Machamp, Heracross, and Alakazam are effective options.

Another very powerful defender that has recently been added to the game is Tyranitar, which can be countered with Machamp, Heracross, and Primeape.

Pokemon.Gameinfo.Io has calculated the best counters for every first generation Pokemon based on how much effective damage will be dealt out to that particular creature. Here are the top three counters they recommend for every second generation Pokemon:


Pokemon Best Counter Second Best Counter Third Best Counter
Chikorita Flareon Charizard Gengar
Bayleef Flareon Charizard Gengar
Meganium Flareon Charizard Gengar
Cyndaquil Alakazam Dragonite Gengar
Quilava Alakazam Dragonite Gengar
Typhlosion Alakazam Dragonite Gengar
Totodile Exeggutor Alakazam Jolteon
Croconaw Exeggutor Alakazam Jolteon
Feraligatr Exeggutor Alakazam Jolteon
Sentret Machamp Heracross Alakazam
Furret Machamp Heracross Alakazam
Hoothoot Alakazam Jolteon Jynx
Noctowl Alakazam Jolteon Jynx
Ledyba Flareon Golem Omastar
Ledian Flareon Golem Omastar
Spinarak Alakazam Espeon Flareon
Ariados Alakazam Espeon Flareon
Crobat Alakazam Espeon Jynx
Chinchou Exeggutor Alakazam Dragonite
Lanturn Exeggutor Alakazam Dragonite
Pichu Alakazam Dragonite Gengar
Cleffa Gengar Alakazam Espeon
Igglybuff Alakazam Gengar Espeon
Togepi Gengar Alakazam Espeon
Togetic Gengar Alakazam Espeon
Natu Gengar Haunter Tyranitar
Xatu Gengar Haunter Tyranitar
Mareep Alakazam Dragonite Gengar
Flaaffy Alakazam Dragonite Gengar
Ampharos Alakazam Dragonite Gengar
Bellossom Flareon Charizard Gengar
Marill Gengar Exeggutor Alakazam
Azumarill Gengar Exeggutor Alakazam
Sudowoodo Machamp Heracross Exeggutor
Politoed Exeggutor Alakazam Jolteon
Hoppip Jynx Flareon Charizard
Skiploom Jynx Flareon Charizard
Jumpluff Jynx Flareon Charizard
Aipom Machamp Heracross Alakazam
Sunkern Flareon Charizard Gengar
Sunflora Flareon Charizard Gengar
Yanma Flareon Golem Omastar
Wooper Exeggutor Victreebel Venusaur
Quagsire Exeggutor Victreebel Venusaur
Espeon Gengar Haunter Dragonite
Umbreon Machamp Heracross Dragonite
Murkrow Jolteon Jynx Dragonite
Slowking Gengar Haunter Exeggutor
Misdreavus Gengar Haunter Alakazam
Unown Gengar Haunter Dragonite
Wobbuffet Gengar Haunter Dragonite
Girafarig Dragonite Gengar Tyranitar
Pineco Flareon Charizard Dragonite
Forretress Flareon Charizard Dragonite
Dunsparce Machamp Heracross Alakazam
Gligar Jynx Sneasel Cloyster
Steelix Flareon Machamp Charizard
Snubbull Gengar Alakazam Espeon
Granbull Gengar Alakazam Espeon
Qwilfish Alakazam Espeon Exeggutor
Scizor Flareon Charizard Typhlosion
Shuckle Alakazam Dragonite Gengar
Heracross Alakazam Espeon Charizard
Sneasel Machamp Heracross Flareon
Teddiursa Machamp Heracross Alakazam
Ursaring Machamp Heracross Alakazam
Slugma Alakazam Dragonite Gengar
Magcargo Starmie Machamp Vaporeon
Swinub Flareon Machamp Charizard
Piloswine Flareon Machamp Charizard
Corsola Exeggutor Victreebel Venusaur
Remoraid Exeggutor Alakazam Jolteon
Octillery Exeggutor Alakazam Jolteon
Delibird Flareon Golem Omastar
Mantine Jolteon Magneton Ampharos
Skarmory Flareon Charizard Typhlosion
Houndour Machamp Heracross Dragonite
Houndoom Machamp Heracross Dragonite
Kingdra Dragonite Alakazam Gengar
Phanpy Exeggutor Alakazam Jynx
Donphan Exeggutor Alakazam Jynx
Porygon2 Machamp Heracross Alakazam
Stantler Machamp Heracross Alakazam
Smeargle Machamp Heracross Alakazam
Tyrogue Alakazam Espeon Dragonite
Hitmontop Alakazam Espeon Dragonite
Smoochum Gengar Flareon Charizard
Elekid Alakazam Dragonite Gengar
Magby Alakazam Dragonite Gengar
Miltank Machamp Heracross Alakazam
Blissey Machamp Heracross Alakazam
Raikou Alakazam Dragonite Gengar
Larvitar Exeggutor Victreebel Venusaur
Pupitar Exeggutor Victreebel Venusaur
Tyranitar Machamp Heracross Primeape

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