‘Star Wars Celebration’ Will Feature News About ‘Star Wars’ Games

Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars, Star Wars Celebration


Star Wars Celebrationdescribed as the ultimate fan experience focused on Star Wars, will feature news regarding future Star Wars games like Battlefront 2 and current games like Star Wars: The Old Republic and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. 

The original Star Wars Battlefront trailer debuted at the Star Wars Celebration in April 2015. Electronic Arts has been working with Disney to release games to coincide with the release of the movies so it’s likely we can expect more news at the event.

The festival will include members from Electronic Arts, creators of Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and Star Wars: The Old Republic, according to the Star Wars website. There will be a special Star Wars: The Old Republic Cantina Community event featuring a talk with the developers and a chance for fans to meet the game’s designers.

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen recently gave information regarding Battlefront 2 saying the game will be “dramatically larger” that the original game and it’ll feature “a lot of new characters” that come from the newer Star Wars movies as reported by Gamespot.

Characters from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story can be expected to be in the game after being included in the 2015 title via downloadable content. Characters from the upcoming movie are expected to be included too.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is confirmed to have a single player campaign after lacking one in the current installment.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is adding new Galactic Command levels as part of Game Update 5.2. Galactic Command levels are a way for subscribing players to collect new gear as part of the MMO’s end game content.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a popular mobile game where players collect characters spanning the Star Wars timeline, videos game included, and put them in turn-based battles featuring any combination of characters you want.