‘Diablo 3’ Necromancer Class Skills

Diablo 3


The new Necromancer class for Diablo 3 is now available for testing for select testers in the closed beta. Blizzard posted a very detailed blog post about the Necromancer’s skills. From the looks of things, there will be a wide variety of ways to play Diablo 3’s new class. You can choose to summon skeletons and the sort like the class was able to do in Diablo 2, or you can use blood skills to sacrifice your health for power. Long range, short range and summoning an army of the dead are all viable options for the new class.

The passive skills are particularly interesting to look at. There’s a skill called Grisly Tribute that heals you for 10 percent of your life on hit when one of your minions hits an enemy. Unless I’m interpreting this wrong, this seems like a very easy way to stay alive if you’re going for a pet build. The Golem is returning from Diablo 2 in the form of the bone, blood, flesh consuming, decay and ice golem. For many, at least starting out, the pet build will be the way to go.

All of these skills are subject to change since the testing just started. This does mean the Necromancer is probably closer to seeing an actual release date. Class sets and class-specific legendary items are not yet available for testing so we won’t get a chance to see what new weapons and armor are available for the new class.

What do you think about the new class and its skills?


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