‘Elder Scrolls Online’ Anniversary Event Details

Elder Scrolls Online

Elders Scrolls Online turns three years old this month and its celebrating the event with all of its players.

Players will be able to cook up the 2nd Annual Jubliee Cake to receive a two-hour 100 percent experience boost to you and your group. To do this, you’ll have to located Chef Donolan in Vulkhel Guard, Daggerfall or Davon’s Watch and complete the quest “Ache for Cake”. It’s a little disappointing the buff only lasts two hours but you can group up with other players and take advantage of their buff as well. The cake stacks with other experience boosts such as the scrolls.

In addition to the double experience cake, all daily and weekly quests completed during the event will grant you an Anniversary Gift Box. These gift boxes contain crafting materials, but they are also guaranteed to include at least one rare item such as Nirncrux, Motif chapters, Style items, Furniture crafting items, or more.

The event started April 4 and runs until April 18. The full event details can be found on the Elder Scrolls Online website. This event is available on both consoles and PC.