WATCH: ‘Heroes of the Storm’ 2.0 Launch Event

Heroes of the storm

Heroes of the Storm patch 2.0 hits today and with it is the largest update the game has ever seen. We’ve got a complete list of everything changing in the game right here. The launch event will feature interviews with members of the development team, a match between two top HGC teams, a new cinematic and the new hero that is coming with Genji. After the exhibition match, the new cinematic will be shown and then the new hero will be unveiled and discussed. Nexus Challenge 2.0 will be introduced during this live stream too.

All the changes coming to the game are courtesy of PVP Live.

  • 73 new skins
  • A new map: Hanamura
  • A free Mega Hero Bundle
  • Two new heroes Genji and D.Va from Overwatch
  • A completely updated store/collection UI
  • Loadouts for ease of use in saving different skin/voice line/banner/spray/emoji combinations.
  • Sprays
  • Banners
  • Hero voice lines
  • Nexus Challenge 2.0 – an event likely crossing over with Overwatch once again, since Hanamura and Genji were just added.
  • Up to 70 loot boxes for free
  • A completely revamped progression system
  • Mastery taunts unlocked by hitting level 10 with a character
  • Brand new portraits
  • In-game win/loss statistics
  • Emojis to use in chat
  • New Currency System – Eliminates the usage of real money, instead allowing you to purchase gems. This gives Blizzard the option to award in-game currency occasionally, whereas with real money they couldn’t.
  • In the works: in-game voice chat, API, visible MMR

Many abilities are changing as well and the full list of those skills can be found in a Heroes of the Storm blog post.

The development team also had a Q&A on Reddit yesterday and revealed plans to add in a map rotation. What do you think about all the changes and additions coming to Heroes of the Storm with patch 2.0? Are you excited for D.Va and Genji? Patch 2.0 is live in North America right now.

The new cinematic trailer was revealed in today’s stream for Heroes of the Storm and it introduces the two new heroes coming with the latest patch 2.0. Those two heroes are D.Va and Genji from Overwatch. We are treated to Genji and D.Va taking on the Lord of Terror himself, Diablo.

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 – Hanamura ShowdownYou do not have to fight alone! Battle over Hanamura, ancient home of the Shimada clan, with Genji and D.Va while you experience a world of new content in our game-redefining update we’re calling Heroes of the Storm 2.0. It’s a whole new era for Heroes, and we can’t wait to see you in the…2017-04-25T18:46:05.000Z

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