‘Pokemon Go’ Easter Event Details Reportedly Leaked Online

pokemon go shiny

‘Pokemon Go’ is available for iOS and Android devices. (Niantic)

An Easter event may be coming to Pokemon Go tomorrow.

On Reddit this week, a user named HiddenLeaker posted a thread supposedly with information about the upcoming Easter event. This sort of unverified report would normally be completely dismissed except for the fact that the user accurately predicted last month’s water festival event. They didn’t just guess that there might be an event related to World Water Day; rather, they posted on Reddit the exact, word-for-world announcement of the water festival a day before the official announcement was made. You can compare the screenshot HiddenLeaker posted on Reddit to Niantic’s blog post a day later.

Now, HiddenLeaker is back with more information, claiming on Reddit that the Easter event will start tomorrow, April 13th, and it will be a double XP event. The Reddit user also vaguely stated that the event will have something to do with 2km eggs.

PokemonGoHub later posted their own information, citing a leak and saying that the event will start tomorrow and that it will last for one week. They also said that it will be a double XP event and that there will be increased hatch rates for ultra rare Pokemon, such as Snorlax, Lapras, Porygon and Miltank.

Not immediately clear was whether any of these rare Pokemon may hatch in different eggs than usual; some fans had speculated that rare Pokemon might temporarily hatch from 2km eggs during the Easter event, therefore making them easier to obtain and giving players an added incentive to hatch eggs during the Easter holiday. So far, this is just speculation.

It was not guaranteed that there would be an Easter event at all, though, and so if this leak is true, it will come as great news to Pokemon Go fans everywhere. Some had speculated that Niantic would not hold an Easter event in Pokemon Go considering that not all players celebrate the holiday. They’ve skipped holidays before, as last month, Niantic did not have a special event for St. Patrick’s Day even when most fans expected one. If there is to be an Easter event launching tomorrow, we’ll likely hear an announcement about it today, although Niantic has sometimes announced events on the same day that they begin, and so they could hold off until tomorrow.

Assuming the information about rarer Pokemon hatching from eggs proves to be correct, this would only apply to eggs that are obtained after the event begins, as what’s in an egg in Pokemon Go is determined as soon as you pick it up, not as soon as you hatch it.

Stay tuned for more information about a potential Easter event in Pokemon Go. 

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