‘Retro Soccer’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Retro Soccer.

1. Use One-Touch Football to Keep Your Opponent on Their Toes

Retro Soccer

• Mix up ground passes and through balls to progress up the pitch and set up some awesome scoring opportunities.

2. Keep Calm and Slide Tackle Sparingly

• Slide tackling too much will draw the ref’s attention – if the edges of the screen glow you’re going to get booked. Chase down players and use body tackles when you can, saving those slides for clutch situations.

3. Add Aftertouch to Your Shots to Score From All Angles

• Tapping and holding the left or right of the screen after shooting will curl the ball whilst it’s in the air, allowing you to score some amazing goals from impossible angles. Want to curve the ball around a defender, or just arc the ball in to the top corner? Adding aftertouch can make that happen.

4. Upgrade Your Players to Improve Your Squad

• When you have enough cards, be sure to level up each player. This will not only increase how well they perform on the pitch, but also boosts your team’s overall rating ready for crucial Promotion Matches on Victory Road.

5. Build a Squad That Suits Your Play Style

Retro Soccer

• Do you like making long runs? Put fast paced wingers on your team. Love shooting from range? Try out some midfielders with great Shooting stats. Build a team that emphasizes how you play and remember to check each player’s stats on the Squad screen to see which players are the best fits.