The Evolution of ‘Street Fighter’ Characters Over The Years

Street Fighter

Street Fighter has been along for a long time. The game saw its first release in 1987 and Capcom’s franchise has been around ever since. Somehow, we’re only on Street Fighter V but the series has seen a variety of spin-off titles, most notably the Marvel vs. Capcom series. The Street Fighter series is a staple of fighting game fans and has turned into a popular esport. Street Fighter II was so iconic, it is coming to the Nintendo Switch, despite being nearly 20 years old. These games have stood the test of time.

As a result of being a franchise for 30 years, the characters have gone through a few changes. The team at MuchGames put together visualizations of how the characters have been changed over the years. Characters like Ryu, Sakura and Chun Li have remained true to their original design.

Ryu looks like he has changed the least. In all iterations, he is sporting the short hair cut with the rugged karate uniform. Some games have his gloves change from red to brown. His headband has also changed its color to red as the series went forward but that’s about it when it comes to changes with Ryu.

Ryu, Street Fighter

If we take a look at Ken Masters, you’ll see he undergoes one of the biggest overhauls from his first appearance to his latest appearance in Street Fighter V. Ken usually has the blonde hair and red outfit, he’s almost the same as Ryu just different hair and clothes. However, Street Fighter V ditches that appearance and gives him a longer, samurai style haircut and switches out the torn red top with a black top that actually conceals his arms.

Street Fighter, Ken

Akuma is another popular character we can take a look at. Akuma was first introduced in Super Street Fighter II Turbo as a hidden boss. Akuma remains mostly the same over time, with his red hair and eyes, but his muscles seem to bulk up and down and he wears sandals in some of his appearances. He is even sporting a beard in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter, Akuma

A full look at all the characters MuchGames looked at can be found here on their website. The website will give you a better idea of the characters MuchGames looks at the characters and it explains their methodology for collecting the information.

Capcom gave us a lot more information about Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite today. It releases September 19, 2017. It will also give us another look at our favorite Street Fighter characters and their ever changing appearances. From the looks of the poster, it seems that Ryu has remained as same as ever.

How has your favorite character changed over the years? Let us know in the comments.


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