How to Get the Rubber Armor in ‘Breath of the Wild’

Breath of the Wild

For the amount of time it rains in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it’s best to have some armor that will let you survive thunderstorms. Instead of having to strip down in the event of the storm, you can just switch to the rubber suit instead, which gives you the set bonus of being unshockable. Here’s where to get all three pieces of the rubber set.

The Rubber Helm is obtained by completed the “Thunder Magnet” side quest. You can get this quest from Cima at the Lakeside Stable in Faron.

Breath of the Wild

The stable is a short distance southeast of the Faron Tower. Once you talk to Cima, she will ask you investigate lightning strikes in the area. Climbing the lookout post will show you that an axe sticking out of a wooden horse is the cause of the lightning strikes. Once you get the axe down, talk to Cema and she’ll reward you with the Rubber Helm.

Getting the Rubber Armor means you have to complete the Toh Yahsa Shrine.

Breath of the Wild

This shrine is found a little to the west of the Ridgeland Tower. To unlock this shrine, you have to get the colored orbs to their correct spots on the plateau. The constant thunderstorm makes this task a bit difficult so getting the Thunder Helm first is recommended. Since the Thunder Helm makes you resistant to lightning, you can use the metal weapons to choose where the lightning will strike and not be killed in the process.

Casting stasis on the green orb and shooting a few arrows at it should knock it off the pillar. You can to climb to the red and orange orbs or use Rivali’s Gale to get on their platform. Use stasis on the orb just before the lightning strikes and it should hit the orb and knock it onto the plateau. Once all four orbs are in the correct positions, the shrine will appear.

The Rubber Tights will take us to the Qukah Nata shrine.

Breath of the Wild

This shrine can be located by heading east from the Faron Tower. You’ll notice that when you get there, it looks like the shrine is just a mound of dirt. You need to locate Kaas on the east side of Calora Lake. He will give you the quest to unlock the shrine. All you have to do is drop a metal object on top of the shrine and get lightning to strike it. This will cause the shrine to appear and allow you to enter and get the Rubber Tights.

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