ARMS Direct Recap, ARMS New Fighters and Splatoon 2 Single Player

Nintendo today released a Nintendo Direct sharing new fighters for ARMS and the single player of Splatoon 2.

New fighters in ARMS include Kid Cobra has strong arms and can slither around the arena with consecutive dashes. Byte and Barq were also announced, a robot policeman that fights in tandem with the computer-controlled dog serving as a distraction and as a spring pad for higher jumps. Byte and Barq can also combine during their special attack. Twintelle fights with her curls and can slow down opponent attacks while charging her own.

The trailer hints at a story with a history of stretchy-armed fighters and the mysteries behind it. Apparently fighters don’t know they have the stretchy arms until they accidentally find out.

Weapons have different weights and attributes. Heavier arms are stronger and can block other arms but lighter arms are speedier. Attributes activate when charged up and come in seven flavors with different effects like fire knocking down opponents. It’s encouraged to use different arms on each arm. Each fighter also have different abilities like Helix being able to stretch to hit hard-to-reach opponents.

A bunch of new modes for local and online versus were also announced, such as modes with power-ups, team battles, and a volleyball and basketball mode. There’s also a training mode to improve skills and ranked play for online. Online match lobbies can support up to 20 players (or 10 Nintendo Switch devices with two players each).

The main single player mode is campaign which has players fight through a gauntlet of ten fighters with the last one being against an as of yet unannounced fighter.

Each fighter has access to three arms at the beginning. You can also collect additional weapons by collecting coins after battle and spending them to enter a minigame. Duplicate arms have a higher attack power.

They also have free DLC planned for release after the game launches with new fighters, stages, and arms.

In addition, there will be global beta tests prior to release on May 26, 27, and 28 as well as June 2, 3, and 4. The global testfire demo is available to download from the eShop today.

The new Splatoon 2 trailer shows off the new Hub area, the starting area for single player, and hints for the story delivered by a kimono-clad Marie. They also showed off new gameplay for the single player offering a bunch of new weapons, enemies, and levels.

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