‘Art of Conquest’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Art of Conquest.

1. Starting Heroes

Art of Conquest

• When you first enter the game, you’ll face a major decision. You’ll be asked to choose one of three heroes: Avalon, Avril, or Rufio. Each one has their own specialty. You’ll be able to use the hero you pick immediately, while the other two may become available in the game at a later time if you are lucky enough to encounter them. As getting a new hero isn’t easy, let’s introduce the first three heroes so you can make the choice that’s best for you.

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• Avalon, “Last Hope of Silverwing,” has abilities that support the archers he leads, and his “Focus Fire” is useful against Bosses, but his most important ability is “Natural Leader.” This ability is particularly useful to new players as it allows you to place additional units on the battlefield, as well as increasing the Supply Cap (essentially troop capacity) for Bronze, Silver, and Gold units. This is a big help when your troops are running low. Avalon’s “Capture Resources” ability allows you to gain some additional resources after a battle. Early on, when Power and Stamina are in short supply, this ability is a good choice. Avalon may seem to be a support hero, but in the middle and end-game, he becomes a useful asset in other ways.

• Avril the “Ice Mage” is a mage who has both DPS and control abilities. Avril is essential when your army with relatively low power is battling an enemy with higher power. But her abilities require large amounts of Mana (like Gold, Mana is a resource which is spent over time). “Ice Wall” can divide the battlefield, with enemies unable to cross it. “Blizzard” can freeze enemy troops. It’s best to use Avril strategically, when your army is facing a particularly strong opponent.

• Rufio, the “Golden Stallion” deals over 3x the damage when he is fully leveled up. Timing “Heroic Leap” to work in conjunction with “Chopping Blade,” will deal devastating AOE (Area of Effect) damage to back line units with weak defense. Because of abilities like “Resilience” which are more typical for a tank, you can use “Heroic Leap” as soon as the enemy back-line comes into range. It’s worth putting the majority of your Ability Points and equipment towards Rufio, as he’s basically a “Boss-Level” hero.

Art of Conquest

• Avalon is useful at any stage of the game, especially when fighting bosses. Avril’s control abilities can turn your army into an effective force against formidable enemies early in the game. Meanwhile Rufio’s DPS capability comes in handy during the end-game. In the end, who you pick comes down to personal preference. Besides choosing your hero, there are several core features that should be addressed to conclude this guide.

2. Upgrading Abilities

Art of Conquest

• First, put your ability points towards the default ability, then your support ability, then your control ability, and leave your DPS ability for later. You must distribute your ability points between your abilities wisely. Don’t spend them all on your active ability, as it won’t be used as frequently as your other abilities.

3. Resources

• Gold, Mana, and Wood can be found anytime on the map and may also be generated in your castle. These resources are primarily used to upgrade buildings and technology. Blood Diamonds, Mithril, and Crystal are rare resources that cannot be produced in your Castle, but can be found on the map. They can also be plundered or earned through opening chests. As soon as they appear on the map you should pick them up. Once you’ve moved out of the capital, it’s easy for your resources to be plundered, so it’s important to level up your warehouse, which increases the amount of resources that are protected.

• If you are trying to earn rare resources, you can search the map, which takes some time. You can also intercept the resource shipments of other players. Immediately after the items in the shop refresh, some rare resources will be available for purchase. But these will sell out very quickly.

4. Upgrading Buildings

Art of Conquest

• Early in the game, focus on collecting resources, later in the game you can prioritize increasing your power. It’s recommended to focus on one type of technology for units. Long range units such as human archers, Dwarven riflemen and tanks, and Lich mages are a good choice. Keep in mind that if you change races, your building levels will be unaffected, but progress on unit technology will be lost. Changing races late in the game comes at a high price.

5. Unit Strengths and Weaknesses

Art of Conquest

• Archers are strong against Spearmen, Spearmen are strong against Cavalry, Cavalry are strong against infantry, and Infantry are strong against Archers. Meanwhile some units have few individual soldiers, each with high DPS. Some units only have one soldier, such as tanks and spiders. These individual units all have AOE attacks. Units with many soldiers can overwhelm DPS-focused units, DPS-focused units can take down AOE units, and AOE units are effective against units with many soldiers. In battle, front-line troops die most easily, its best to use low level units in these positions, as they can be healed quickly in the hospital. More of the map becomes available as you level up. It is recommended to explore the map at your earliest opportunity, as it’s an easy way to get resources.