WATCH: ‘Destiny 2’ Crucible Gameplay

Destiny 2

During the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal, we got the chance to get our hands on the game and be among the first players in the world to experience the game.

The gameplay overall feels a lot like the first Destiny, but that’s not a bad thing since Destiny did have some good gameplay. There are a number of changes coming to the crucible with the sequel with the biggest change being all the events will now be 4v4. Destiny 2 is also introducing an attack and defend mode, as seen in this video, which is a first for the Destiny franchise. PvP has become more of a focus for the developers moving forward with Destiny 2.

This video will show you some Hunter gameplay equipped with the Gunslinger subclass with the Golden Gun super ability. The ability will give you a gun which can lay down some serious firepower by shooting six bullets in rapid succession.

The gameplay was captured on a PS4 Pro. We hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed playing.

On top of playing the PS4 version of the game, we were also able to get our hands on the PC version. The PC version runs with an unlocked framerate and also outputs at 4K. To be honest, it felt like the definitive way to play Destiny 2. You can read more about our thoughts on the PC version here.

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