‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ New Heroes: Bridal Blessings

New Heroes are coming to Fire Emblem Heroes, and things are feeling a bit more romantic this time around.

Similar to how the Spring Festival heroes are just heroes already in the game dressed in bunny outfits, the Bridal Blessings heroes are previously released heroes dressed in wedding attire.

Caeda is a blue mage unit. Her weapon Blessed Bouquet+ grants allies within two spaces two extra defense and resistance through their next actions after initiating combat. She also gets the special skill of Iceberg which boosts damage dealt by 50 percent of her resistance. She also gets the skills of Attack/Res 2 which increases attack and resistance by two and Hone Speed which grants adjacent allies four extra speed at the start of the turn.

Charlotte is a blue infantry unit. Her First Bite+ spear grants allies within two spaces two extra defense and resistance after she fights. She also gets the support skill of Smite which pushes allies two spaces away. She also gets Wind Boost which gives her a speed boost of six during combat if she has at least three more HP than the enemy as well as Threaten Attack which lowers the attack of foes within two spaces by five at the beginning of the turn.

Cordelia is a bow-wielding infantry unit. Her Cupid Arrow weapon also boosts defense and resistance to allies within two spaces after combat and is effective against fliers. She also gets Rally Attack/Speed which, unlike other Rally skills, boosts both attack and speed by three. She also gets Escape Route which allows one to warp to an ally unit if at under half HP and Breath of Life which heals adjacent allies after combat by seven.

Finally, Lyn is a staff-wielding healer. Candlelight prevents the opponent from counterattacking after combat. Rehabilitate’s healing effect increases the further below half HP the healed unit is. Her Swift-Winds Balm boosts all allies’ speed by four when healing and her Dazzling Staff ability prevents her from being counterattacked.

A new paralogue story is also added granting new levels and maps to fight in.

The heroes will be available to summon from May 30, 12:00 a.m. PT to June 13, 11:59 p.m. PT. They may or may not appear again in a summoning event in the future according to the video.