‘Friday the 13th: The Game’: How To Call The Police

Friday the 13th: The Game

Calling the police is the most simple and easiest way to survive a match and win as the campers. Unfortunately, there a few more steps to do than just starting the car or boat but these steps are arguably easier to do.

You’ll need to do these things before you can even think about calling the police:

  1. Locate Phone Box.
  2. Locate Phone Box Fuse.
  3. Repair Phone Box.
  4. Locate Phone.

To fix the phone box, you need to find the phone box fuse, which is usually located in a nearby house. Search through all of the drawers inside all the houses until you find it. You might even fight some keys first and decide start the boat or car. Once you have it, head back over to the phone box and repair it. Don’t screw up your quick-time event and you should be in the clear. The phone will most likely be inside the house the phone box is outside of so all you have to do is head inside. All of this can be done by yourself so it’s easier to do than gathering all the boat or car parts.

Once the police have been called, you have to survive five minutes for them to show up. During this time, you should arm yourself and make your way out to the main road. The police will show up on either side of the main road, which runs along the side of map. If you haven’t found the map, just follow the roads until you reach what looks like a major road.

Get as close to the main road as possible before the police arrive. If you wait until they show up before you start heading toward the main road, Jason will be able to wait near the police and attack anyone who approaches. If Jason knows where the police are, your chances of escape drop pretty quick. It’s best to get close before the police arrive so you don’t have as far to go. If you’re by headed to the police and Jason is in your path, we hope you brought some firecrackers or a bat because you’ll need them.

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