‘Friday the 13th The Game’: How To Start The Boat

Friday the 13th: The Game

The campers have a lot of different ways they can escape in Friday the 13th: The Game. You can choose get out by foot, by car, by boat, or even by killing Jason.

Finding the boat can be a hassle and you need to work with the rest of the campers if you’re going to be successful. First things first, you or someone need to locate the boat you will be fixing up. If you have the map, the boat will show up on it, which makes things easier, but usually you’ll have a camper that spawns near it. You can also narrow things down to the water.

You’re going to need a few more things after you find the boat:

  1. Propeller
  2. Fuel

You can track all these things down by yourself but it will be a lot quicker, and safer, if you work as a team and collect all the parts together. These items will usually be found in nearby buildings so you won’t have to travel across the universe to get these parts. In some cases, you might and the car might not be the best option in that case.

The propeller and fuel will be in plain sight so you won’t have to do much digging around to find those. If you are carrying the propeller or the fuel, you will be defenseless as you can’t carry a weapon with those. This is where you have to rely on other campers to defend you. A skilled Tommy Jarvis is useful in these situations but you might have a chance get to by without him.

Once you have all the parts, you just have to add them to the boat and you’re ready to go.

Escaping with the boat is a whole lot easier to escape with than the car. It’s a lot easier to juke out Jason in the water and you aren’t confined to the narrow road so you have a better chance. You’re looking for two red buoys to signal your escape. Make sure to pick up everyone you can, you don’t want to be that guy who left all his fellow campers to die, do you?

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