GameStop Giving Away New Pokemon For ‘Sun & Moon’

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Starting May 15 and running until June 5, players will be able to pick up Lycanroc (Midnight Form) at participating GameStop’s across the United States.

While supplies last, players can go into participating GameStop stores and pick up a code card that will unlock Lycanroc in your copy of Pokemon Sun or Moon. Although the event is running until June 5, you will want to get there as soon as you can to ensure you get yourself a code. Once you get the code, you have to follow these steps to get him into your game.

  1. Select Mystery Gift on the main menu
  2. Select Receive Gift
  3. Select Get with Code/Password, then Yes, and then Yes again to connect to the Internet
  4. Enter your code
  5. Watch as you receive Lycanroc
  6. Speak to the deliveryman in any Pokemon center
  7. Make sure to save once you get Lycanroc

Lyconroc is a rock-type Pokemon that comes with the “No Guard” ability so that means his moves will never miss. His moveset includes Stone Edge, Fire Fang, Sucker Punch and Swords Dance. He will come holding the Life Orb and he is Level 50. The life orb will boost Lycanroc’s attacks but it will also cost him some hit points with every attack.

This is a little bit disappointing though since Lycanroc can be caught in the game without the help of a free GameStop code. It would have been nice if we at least got a Shiny version. Japan received a Shiny Tapu Koko last month at participating stores, which was the only way to get a Siny Tapu Koko anywhere in the game. At the very least, it’s an easy way to pick up the life orb.

You can check out the Lycanroc (Midnight Form) trailer right here.

Recently, there have been rumors floating around regarding the third title in the Pokemon Sun and Moon generation called Pokemon Stars. The game is said to be a Nintendo Switch exclusive despite the Sun and Moon being 3DS exclusives. Japan is launching a line of merchandise called “Look Upon the Stars” that has just stoked the rumor bonfire even more. If this does end up being real, Pokemon Stars would be the first mainline Pokemon title to come to a Nintendo home console.