‘Injustice 2’: How to Use Environmental Interactions (Stage Hazards)

Injustice 2

There are a lot of different mechanics and nuanced moves you need to learn in order to claim victory, however, one of the most interesting is Environmental Interactions or Stage Hazards. These typically one-time use moves allow players to interact with objects in a specific stage to deal damage to an opponent. From throwing the Arkham Asylum sign at someone to jump off a wall, there are a lot of different Environmental Interactions in this title.

To perform an Environmental Interaction you will need to be in front of or near an object and hit either:

  • R1 or Triangle + Square (PS4)
  • RB or X+Y (Xbox One)

This will let your character grab whatever object is next to them and hurl it at your opponent. These are great ways to both start and finish combos as they typically have a long wind up. However, you will always want to have some space before using one, as grabbing an object can leave you exposed to a counter attack. Other Environmental Interactions let you traverse the stage, which can be a great way to get the drop on your opponent if they are not careful. Try not to abuse the terrain too much as it will eventually make you predictable and easy to counter.

In a fight always make sure to use the various stage hazards as they can be a great way to add a little extra damage onto your foe. Every level has its own Environmental Interaction so it may take some time to know what each one does in a fight. Remember to never let you guard down in Injustice 2 because it’s completely possible that someone throws a gurney at you from across the screen.

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