‘Injustice 2’: How to Use Meter Burn

Injustice 2

There are a lot of mechanics you will need to master in order to succeed in Injustice 2, however, one of the most crucial is utilizing your Meter Burn. This allows players to pump up their special attacks that not only deal additional damage, but allow you to change the flow of combat. To use Meter Burn you will need to first build up the gauge located at the bottom left of the screen.This sectioned off bar will begin to fill up as you unleash a barrage of attacks on your opponent.

Once you have at least one of the sections filled out you can use a Meter Burn attack, which is any special move + the RT (Xbox One) or R2 (PlayStation 4). What this will look like for a character like Batman is:

  • Left, Right, Y + RT (Xbox One)
  • Left, Right, Triangle + R2 (PS4)

This will drain your meter and allow you to use this powerful attack without any issue. Remember, it’s critical that you manage your meter during battle, as smart use of Meter Burn will determine if you win or lose. If you manage to completely fill up the gauge at the bottom then players can use their Super by pressing both triggers in at the same time. Don’t feel like you always need to go for your Super in a fight, as some Meter Burn abilities can start entire combos that out damage a single flashy move.

With some time and practice, you will easily master this technique and show the Multiverse who is the best Injustice 2 fighter.

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