Nintendo Has Last Minute Mother’s Day Cards and More

Today is Mother’s Day which means you should probably do something nice for your mom or at least get her a card. If you’ve spent too much time gaming this weekend to even realize today was Mother’s Day, it’s okay to admit, it happens, then Nintendo has you covered with this Animal Crossing: New Leaf Mother’s Day card.

Animal Crossing Mother's Day Card

Play Nintendo

That’s not the only card has for you either. Well, it is for Mother’s Day, but there are also a variety of cards for Graduation Day. Now is the time of year when many students are either graduating from school or getting ready for summer vacation. Nintendo has you covered in that department as well with six different cards. You have your choice from another Animal Crossing card or you can choose from Splatoon, Mario Kart, Kirby, Super Mario Maker and Zelda themed ones. You can download the pack of cards here.


Play Nintendo

Play Nintendo is a website that is designed for kids (adults can enjoy it too) to learn more about their favorite games. If you head to the page now, you’ll see the cards along with a quiz testing your knowledge about Hyrule and the first generation of Pokemon games. You can also find a post giving new Mario Kart 8 Deluxe players tips for their first time playing the game. There’s a section for parents to find game ratings and things of that nature to find the ideal game to pick out for their child.

Since Mother’s Day and Graduation Day has become so commercialized, your best bet might be to print one of these out to avoid to the long lines at a store trying to pick up the best card. It’s the thought that counts right? On second thought, we’re not sure if your mom will even understand what Animal Crossing is.

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