‘Overwatch’ Teases Possible New Map On The Moon


A cryptic blog post showed up on Overwatch’s website today possibly hinting at a new map being added to Overwatch. Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch’s game director, has said six new maps are in development for the game so it’s possible this could be one of those maps.

According to Atlas News, a news channel set in the Overwatch universe, Luncheng Interstellar revealed the Horizon Lunar Colony was still operational.

At a press conference today, Lucheng Interstellar revealed the surprising fact that the colony’s databases and monitoring systems are still up and running this day. While no direct communication has been established with the facility, the company has successfully retrieved interpersonnel logs sent days and moments before the base lost contact with earth. Below are some of the transmissions Lucheng shared.

Messages from Nevsky to Winston look to mention the Horizon Lunar Colony and its fate. A photo shows the colony has a segment of the installation that is still operational. The Horizon Lunar Colony is a moonbase where scientists worked with a group of genetically enhanced gorillas that were intended to test the prolonged habitation in space.


Of course, Overwatch has teased its fans in the past, particularly when it comes to the long-rumored Doomfist addition. We were led to believe we were getting Doomfist with its newest hero but instead we were treated with Orisa instead. At the very least, this series of messages look to expand on Winston’s lore and give more background on his time before joining the Overwatch team. It’s even possible we might be getting another gorilla-based hero in Hammond.

This could be the start of a slow drip of information regarding a new map or it could be nothing. With Overwatch and Blizzard, we pretty much have to expect anything.

Overwatch’s Competitive Season 4 recently wrapped up and Season 5 will be kicking off on May 31. Maybe we’ll get more information about the space colony during this season.

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