‘Pokemon Magikarp Jump’: How To Get Gyarados

On the surface, Pokemon Magikarp Jump looks like a simple game. All you have to do is feed or train your Magikarp and enter it into jumping competitions, which is simple right? We’ve covered some basic tips and tricks when the game came out but now we’re going to show you how to turn your Magikarp into a ferocious Gyarados.

When you’re at your main screen, head to your item bag and you should notice an Everstone in it. This is a stone that is popular in the handheld Pokemon games that causes the Pokemon holding it to never evolve. This is what is holding your Magikarp back from greatness. We’re actually not sure why anyone would decide to give their Magikarp an Everstone, but we digress.

Pokemon Magikarp Jump, Everstone

If you’re ready to evolve your Magikarp, all you have to do is repeatedly click on it. This will cause the Everstone to break and will allow your Magikarp to evolve once it reaches level 20 or is past level 20. In the mainline Pokemon series, Magikarp evolves once it reaches level 20. Keep in mind that this will retire your Magikarp so make sure you’re ready to say goodbye.

You can’t really do much with the Gyarados but it will unlock Event No. 34 “Adios, Gyarados!” so you can check that off your list of things to do. You can check your other events by clicking Town-Records-Events. If you have a Shiny Magikarp, you can follow the method and your Magikarp will evolve into a Red Gyarados, made popular from its appearance in the second generation Pokemon games. All of this is pretty much only done for fan-service but it’s still cool to see it included in the game.

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