‘Pokemon Magikarp Jump’: How To Train Your Magikarp Quickly

Pokemon Magikarp Jump

It’s easy to get started in Pokemon Magikarp Jump but it can become a little difficult as you begin to rise up through the leagues and end up a couple generation of Magikarp deep. There’s surprisingly a lot more to this game than just feeding your Magikarp and entering it into the league. Of course, you could just play that way but there are better ways to maximize your Magikarp’s training.

Here are some tips to help your Magikarp quickly rise through the ranks. If you’re just starting out, you might want to read these beginner tips first.

1. Upgrade Your Berries Right Away

Pokemon Magikarp Jump

The most common way you’ll be training your Magikarp’s Jump Power (JP) is through feeding it. As you level up, you’ll unlock more and more berries so you better maximize these berries while you have the coins. Depending on your Magikarp’s individual bonus, it may benefit even more from berries and level up extremely fast. That’s something to keep in mind when you’re fishing for a new Magikarp.

2. Upgrade Your Training Right Away

Pokemon Magikarp Jump

Piggybacking off the idea of upgrading your berries, you should make sure you upgrade your training as well. You’ll have at least three training sessions a day so you should maximize them by upgrading your training options. The Sandbag Slam is pretty cheap to upgrade and it will start to pay itself off rather quick. Of course, you’ll want to move on to bigger and better training methods as you rank up but the Sandbag Slam is a good place to start.

Also, make sure you use all your training points before your Trainer Rank increases. When your rank goes up, your training points are replenished so you want to make sure they don’t go to waste.

3. Random Encounters Can Be Good and Bad

Pokemon Magikarp Jump

Random Encounters are something you’ll run into during your time with Pokemon Magikarp Jump on a semi-regular basis. Many of them will reward you with good things like coins and JP while so can have some negative side effects. Sometimes you’ll be gifted JP by Feebas just for eating food which causes no harm.

However, there might be days when you just got done with a long training session and you see some berries in a tree. They may look enticing and you probably want to get them to get that sweet, delicious JP. What you may not know is that may be the last time you see your Magikarp again. A wild Pidgeotto can scoop up your Magikarp during that event and force your Magikarp into early retirement. Those are what you want to avoid with your Random Encounters.

Choose your encounters carefully.

4. Use Your Decorations

Pokemon Magikarp Jump

Once you finish your first league, you will be gifted a decoration to put on display in your home. This decoration is nothing compared to the ones you can pick up in the shop, if you save your diamonds that is. A quick glance at the shop will show you there are a wide range of decorations you can purchase and they all give a pretty good boost. If you like to feed your Magikarp a lot, you might consider picking up an item that boosts the JP from food.

Of course, diamonds aren’t the easiest thing to come by if you’re strictly a free-to-play player so spend your diamonds wisely if you don’t want to plop down some real cash on this game.

5. Complete Achievements

Pokemon Magikarp Jump

Achievements are an easy way to get coins and diamonds. Many of them are easy to get once but they will become increasingly difficult once complete them over and over. However, many of them are completed just by doing simple tasks in the game. If you’re regularly feeding, training and jumping with your Magikarp, you should come across an influx of coins and diamonds just by playing the game.