‘Prey’: Where is the Deep Storage Safe Code

prey, prey game, prey 2017

During your exploration of Talos I you’ll come across a number of locked doors, vaults, and computers that you will need to access. While many of them are optional some safes contain very valuable items and plans that can mean life or death in Prey. Once you make your way to Deep Storage head upstairs and go to the Command Center on the northern side of this area. Inside will be two basic Mimics and a powerful Thermal Phantom that can deal heavy fire damage.

Try to stealth kill the Mimics via the Silenced Pistol before engaging the Thermal Phantom when his back is turned. If you’re quick enough you’ll land a sneak attack bonus, which can devastate its’ health of this creature before it can engage. Follow up with some more shotgun rounds to put it down for good and then head over to the computer terminals by the door. Grab the Neuromods on the middle desk and then move behind the center monitor where a convenient stick note is placed.

This will be the code to the safe in the back right corner of the room which contains a Weapon Upgrade Kit and the fabrication plans to the Q-Beam‘s ammo. Our code for the Deep Storage Safe was 5783, however, it’s possible that this is different for everyone since not every number is exactly the same. Input the code and then retrieve your items, which can be put to good use thanks to the Recycler and Fabricator conveniently located behind you. When you come across the safe the first thing that you should always do in Prey is check the room thoroughly as the combination is usually hidden somewhere close by.

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