‘Salt and Sanctuary’ Developer “Trying To Make It Happen” On Switch

Salt and Sanctuary

Salt and Sanctuary, better known as “2D Dark Souls” from fans, is a very well received indie game developed by Ska Studios.

The game was originally released for PlayStation 4 before making its way to PC two months later in 2016. A PlayStation Vita version was just released in March. A Vita release showed the game could run on lower powered hardware so it would make sense to port it over to the Switch, since the Switch is also portable and packs a bigger punch than the Vita.

James Silva, one of the game’s developers, said the team was working on making a Nintendo Switch version happen on Twitter last week.

If you’ve played the PS Vita version or have seen somebody else play it, you’d know how much this game in particular lends itself to being mobile. Salt and Sanctuary may take a lot from the Dark Souls series but it does enough to feel like its own the game. You still need souls to level, salt in this game, but this game also combines elements from the Castlevania series as well.

The game features the long and drawn out boss battles you’ll find in the Souls series but this time it’s in 2D which will require a whole different strategy. There are a bunch of different classes, armor and weapons – about 600 in total – you can choose from so you can definitely create a character that feels like your own. There is a two-player local co-op option for those interested.

This game is worth a try for anybody who is a fan of difficult games, Dark Souls, Castlevania, or all of those games in general. If you can’t wait for the Switch version, it goes on sale pretty often so you can pick it up for a low price. It was on sale last week on Steam to celebrate its first birthday on PC.