‘Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943’: Top 10 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks you need to know for Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943.

1. Radio Communication

Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943

• It’s important to keep radio communication lines open at all times. This helps players not lose control of their troops and allows artillery units to fire at any detected targets.

2. Smoke Screens

Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943

• Employ the use of smoke screens when attacking enemy units. This reduces the enemy’s accuracy, which in turn lowers troop casualties.

3. The Defilade Maneuver

Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943

• Be sure to keep your squishier units in defilade. This is a military tactic that utilizes the position of your stronger forces to protect the weaker ones. Being in defilade allows those weaker units to take cover behind the bigger ones to advance, retreat or get into a more defensible position while taking on as little enemy fire as possible.

4. Use Vehicles as Cover

Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943

• When assaulting small, armed enemy fortifications, move your infantry behind vehicles; this will minimize losses. Vehicles provide excellent cover.

5. Day/Night Signal Flares

Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943

• Be sure to use your commander’s day and night signal flares wisely. These flares help indicate the direction of the enemy.

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