‘The Surge’: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

The Surge

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The Surge is deceptively tricky in its design. Here’s everything you need to know about how to survive in the harsh ruins of CREO.

1. Unbind sprinting with L3

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Once you start the game, go into the options menu and head to “Controls.” You’ll be able to change what each button does in the “custom” controller setup. Go in and unbind L3 (the button you press when you push in the left control stick) for sprinting.

There were so many times where I was circling around an enemy only to accidentally sprint and throw off my positioning while wasting stamina. This way, all you have to do is hold down X for PS4 or A for Xbox One to sprint while quickly letting go and pressing it again for jumping. It works way better, trust me.

2. Target Unarmored Body Parts

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Targeting unarmored body parts grants additional damage to opponents and a higher likelihood to stagger opponents which can interrupt attacks. Once you lock-on to an enemy, move the right control stick to select different body parts. You don’t have to hold it down so just hit the stick and get back into focus. You’ll know you selected an unarmored body part when it’s highlighted in blue. You can also acquire gear that will grant additional damage to unarmored body parts.

3. The More Damage a Body Part Receives, the More Likely You Are to Get Items When You Cut It

You can acquire new weapons, items, and blueprints to craft your own gear by slicing off certain body parts with a finishing move. All you have to do is target the desired body part and then build up your combat energy by attacking repeatedly. Then when the button prompt appears, hold it down to execute the finishing move.

The more you attack a certain body part, the more likely you are to acquire items from it when you slice it off. So there’s no use in constantly switching between body parts. Just focus on a certain body part and you should be golden.

4. Attack Moves Can Be Used to Create Different Combos

Pressing the right shoulder button will make you attack horizontally while pressing the right trigger will make you attack vertically. This essentially translates into different combos you can perform. Pressing one button and then another can change up your combos in dramatic ways.

For instance, with the YOSUKE Butterfly and other twin-rigged weapons, you can press R2 (RT) and then R1 (RB) to perform an attack while backflipping out of harm’s way. Or you can press R1, R1, R2 (RB, RB, RT) to do a spinning attack for multiple hits in rapid succession.

5. Blocking Only Works Right Before an Enemy Hits You

the surge

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Blocking doesn’t work if you hold it down for about a second. You need to block right before the enemy attacks you in order to parry it. Then you can hit an attack button to counterattack and then transition into a combo.

6. Proficiency Levels Up with Weapon Use

the surge

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The more you use a certain kind of weapon, the higher that weapon’s proficiency level goes up. And the higher your proficiency level, the more damage you can do with that weapon. The bar on the lower left corner of the game’s HUD will tell you how much proficiency you have. You can level up your proficiency level faster by hitting unarmored body parts and killing enemies quicker.

7. Attack While Sprinting or Dodging to Rush Enemies

If you sprint and then hit one of the attack buttons, you can slide towards enemies for a quick hit. You can even dodge horizontal attacks with this move and then transition into a combo.

You can also press the dodge button (X or A) to evade attacks and then immediately hit R1 or RB for a quick lunge at the opponent.

8. Hold R2 (RT) to Charge an Attack

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If you hold R2 (RT), you can charge up a much stronger version of the vertical attack. This is great as the game doesn’t really have strong attack options. It has a long windup that leaves you vulnerable, however, so it’s best to use it when enemies are standing with their backs turned against you.

9. Keep an Eye Out for Hidden Collectibles

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Collectibles are hidden everywhere and range from piles of scrap to implants that grant you passive and active abilities. Many can be acquired by fighting bosses but many are scattered about the environment waiting to be discovered. Keep and eye out for things in the environment that look suspicious, such as breakable boxes hiding entrances or spaces underneath stairs.

10. Don’t Panic

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The worst thing you can do is panic. Don’t just dodge or run around the arena like a headless chicken because that’s a sure fire way to get killed. Stay focused and observe enemy attacks so you can tell which one is coming and dodge accordingly. If an enemy is reaching back for a horizontal attack, dodge backwards and then rush in to attack. Victory requires brain power as well as brawn.

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