10 PlayStation 4 Multiplayer Games You Need To Own

Diablo 3, Necromancer

Multiplayer games have always been a staple of the industry since they allow users to not only come together, but test their skills against one another to prove who’s best. From the rise of Quake on PC to the utter FPS (First Person Shooter) dominance that was Halo 2, there has always been a place for multiplayer titles. Looking to the PlayStation 4 it’s clear that Sony’s premiere console offers a plethora of fantastic multiplayer games that you can play with strangers or your friends.

When deciding upon this list we were not limiting our selection to online only, as we do believe couch co-op is just as important. These are not just console exclusives, but they must be available for the PlayStation 4 at the time of writing this. We are also not limiting nor requiring that every type of genre makes it onto this list. The community is another big factor as many games may have solid multiplayer, but virtually no one to play it with.

If you are looking for a new multiplayer game to pick up for PS4 here are our suggestions:

1. Titanfall 2

The original Titanfall was an Xbox One exclusives that offered fun gameplay, but lacked a story and needed more refinement when it came to its mech-based combat. Thankfully, Titanfall 2 not only delivers a robust single player story, but some of the best multiplayer gameplay of this generation. Developer Respawn Entertainment have struck a near-perfect balance of human and mech focused combat that that never feels unbalanced or frustrating. The various Titans all have unique playstyles that users can cater to their own tactics, with the pilot characters given a plethora of guns, gadgets, and abilities to help even the odds. This is a game built solely on high octane, kinetic action, and everyone should experience this title at least one.

2. Minecraft

Released way back 2009, Minecraft has swelled in popularity to the point where it has become a part of our popular culture as a whole. Much of this is thanks to the sheer creativity and numerous updates this title has received since launch. This has allowed Minecraft to cultivate a unique and intriguing multiplayer experience that allows players to survive and build a world together. Yet, it goes beyond just trying to make it day by day, as players can construct their own mini-games, sculptures, or entire cities to roam around in. There’s a nice sense of freedom to Minecraft’s multiplayer and if you’re looking for a more relaxed experience then consider nabbing this title.

3. Injustice 2

While Street Fighter V and Tekken 7 are both solid fighting games, we are settling on Injustice 2 for having the best multiplayer. Sporting a colorful roster, Injustice 2 lets players beat the hell out of each other with the various heroes and villains of DC Comics cast of characters. While you can grind for gear in the surprisingly deep single-player, taking your skills online is a blast and one of the best ways to improve in this genre. While it’s short on game modes, Injustice 2 has a nice balancing system that allows players to pick and choose who they fight. This allows them to compete against users of equal skill level and not feel like they are thrown into the fire right away.

4. Rocket League

If you’re looking for something a bit cheaper, Rocket League is a wonderful option as it sports a hectic and fun multiplayer component. Players are made up of two teams on a soccer field and have to use their rocket-powered vehicles to block, pass, and score goals. It sounds simplistic in design, but Rocket League’s mechanics are incredibly deep and complex. Understanding how momentum transfers and your vehicles gravity are all important concepts to consider and eventually master as you play. Plus the rounds are really short so it’s a fantastic multiplayer title if you’re looking for something quick to play.

5. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

When it released, Diablo III suffered numerous balance issues and an exploitative auction house that ruined a lot of the fun grinding for loot. Thankfully, developer Blizzard has implemented a number of changes that have not only fixed the glaring issues, but built upon the foundation the core game laid out. Playing with friends online is a blast and since Blizzard implemented their loot focused Seasons to the PS4 version, Diablo III has become the best dungeon crawler on the system. Battling through hordes of demons with four friends is a blast and with the upcoming Necromancer class about to be added, there’s no better time to go to Hell.

6. Rainbow Six Siege 

For something more tactical, Rainbox Six Siege is a multiplayer title where two teams either lay siege or defend a designated location. Users only have one life and almost the entire world is destructible in some fashion, which causes matches to be far more slow and deliberate. Players can pick from a number of Operatives (Classes), each one sporting unique gear and playstyles that bring a nice variety to the matches. There a unique sense of rhythm to the battles in this game and a surprising amount of freedom in how players want to engage their enemies. Rainbox Six Siege is unlike any other FPS on the market today and is still going strong with a dedicated community. Players have also been treated to a suite of free DLC in the form of maps and Operators which is always nice.

7. Overcooked

Couch co-op is a mechanic that a lot of games don’t bother including anymore, yet it has always had a place within the gaming community. Embracing this idea of playing alongside friends and family is Overcooked, an adorable multiplayer game that lets each player control a different chef that’s tasked with preparing meals for the hungry. However, this gets exceedingly more complicated as players need to juggle environmental hazards, not burning food, multiple orders, and micromanaging ingredients. There’s a lot of chaotic moments that Overcooked produces, many of which will have you laughing or yelling at your friends.

8. Battlefield 1 

The latest entry in developer DICE’s wildly popular multiplayer series, Battlefield 1 is set during World War I and features up to 64 player mayhem. Set across various fronts, players battle it out for various objectives on land, sea, and air. There’s also a nice cinematic quality to the online matches that help players immerse themselves in the conflict. Matches almost never play out the same way and introduction of massive war machines called Behemoths can strike awe into those new to this series.

Weapons are nicely balanced and the squad focused gameplay helps drive home that this is about fighting together and not acting as a lone wolf. This is certainly one of the largest multiplayer games available right now, so if you want something on a more epic scale pick Battlefield 1 up.

9. The Elder Scrolls Online

There are some great MMOs on the PlayStation 4, however, we decided to settle on The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). While the game had a rather rocky launch, Bethesda has vastly expanded this title into something with more depth and complexity. Taking the beloved world/lore of Elder Scrolls and fusing it with an MMO archetype is a match made in heaven. There’s a lot to do in ESO and it’s easy to dump hundreds upon hundreds of hours without having seen and done everything in the game. With multiple expansions, one of which just released, it’s easy to lose yourself in this fantasy world either by yourself or with friends. Make no mistake, ESO is a time sink of a game so if you want something that can hold you over for a long period of time then this is your game.

10. Overwatch

There’s a lot to be said about Blizzard’s class based shooter, as the game sports one of the most memorable cast of characters in any video game regardless of genre. Every hero’s moves and abilities feels expertly balanced, with no one character playing like the other. Maps are structured around various objectives and there’s a nice competitive scene brewing around this FPS. Despite lacking a single-mode, Overwatch has received numerous new characters, maps, events, and cosmetics for players to collect and experience.

This is a game that can be played both casually or competitively depending on your preference and there’s something inherently unique about how the characters interact with each other. With an ever growing community, Overwatch is quite possibly the most popular multiplayer game on market right now. After all, there’s a reason this shooter has won multiple game of the year awards.

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