5 ARPGs That Are Like Diablo

Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition

The Diablo franchise has stood the test of time and has pretty much perfected the dungeon crawler formula. Diablo has always been one of those games you can just jump right into and have loads of fun, no matter what you’re doing.

However, there’s a limit to how many times you can play through Diablo 1, 2 and 3, no, there really is, and you will eventually have to look elsewhere. We like taking the down the Lord of Terror and his friends as much as the next person, but sometimes we like to look at other options too.

Luckily, there’s a decent amount of Diablo clones out there – games that take the formula but have their own game – and they aren’t half bad. Even better, a lot of these titles are available on PC and consoles, so you aren’t restricted and there will be something for everyone.

Here’s our list of five Diablo clones you should play to scratch that ever so itchy Diablo itch.

1. Torchlight 1 & 2

Torchlight 2

The easiest title to recommend is Torchlight. Both Torchlight and its sequel pretty much nail the Diablo experience. Both titles feature tons of loot and progression through areas. The graphics are more on the cartoony side instead of the dark, gritty feel of the Diablo series.

Diablo 2 fans will find a lot to love with this series as it doesn’t ditch the skill tree or the skill points, like Diablo 3 did, much to the chagrin of diehards.

Torchlight was released for the Xbox 360 and PC, but the sequel never ended up making it to consoles. It’s a shame since the game performed so well. Both are great games and despite their age, Torchlight 2 came out in 2012, both still held up really well today. If you’re looking for a Diablo-like action-RPG, you should look no further.

2. Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn is another one of those titles that fans call the “spiritual successor” to Diablo 2. This game features all kinds of different loot and skills to blend together. One thing it does different to set itself apart is having dual classes. You pick out of the six base classes, but then you can blend together skills and modifiers from other classes, making your character truly unique.

This game is really good and we feel it doesn’t get the love it deserves. It keeps the gritty feel from Diablo 2 and blends it with its own sense of originality and the end result is a great game.

The game isn’t finished either. An expansion pack is in the works to add even more content to this game. Just do yourself a favor and pick it up. It also goes on sale quite often, so you can wait if you want to.

3. Path of Exile

Path of Exile

Hey, look, another “spiritual successor” to Diablo 2! If you take Diablo 2 and inject it with a heaping load of steroids, this is what you’ll get.

One thing people point to a lot with Path of Exile is the giant skill tree. There are hundreds and hundreds of unique skills to choose from and the passive skill tree is huge as well. It seems intimidating, and it is, but if you tinker around or read a couple guides, we’re sure you’ll find a combo that you like.

Path of Exile is free-to-play and promises to never to the pay-to-win route like many games before and after it have gone. It’s currently available only on PC and Xbox One but it is coming to PS4 soon.

4. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Series

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

These aren’t the greatest games ever but there are three in the series so they should keep you busy for a while. The game looks and feels just like Diablo so you’ll feel right at home with this title.

The story actually isn’t half bad, which comes as a surprise because many of these action-RPGs are very light on the story. It’s a $15 dollar game and goes on sale often on Steam, so it’s worth a passing glance if you’re looking for a new ARPG.

The Van Helsing series is slowly making its way to Xbox One, but it doesn’t perform the greatest on the console so it’s worth getting on the PC if you decide to pick it up.

5. Titan Quest

Titan Quest

An oldie, but a goodie. This game is essentially Diablo 2 but set in ancient times. Titan Quest captures the essence of the series beautifully and still finds way to remain fresh, even after all these years.

Last year, the game received a massive overhaul and rebranded itself as Titan Quest Anniversary Edition. This gave us features like built-in voice chat, better multiplayer connectivity, support for more resolutions and more.

If you pick up this title on Steam, you will notice it has Steam Workshop support, opening the door to modding the game and further extending its life. If you haven’t played the game since the update, it’s worth checking out. If you have never played the game, just go buy it now. It retails for $19.99 but can drop to as low as $3.99 while on sale.

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