‘ARMS’ Controls: How to Block


If you want to become the best boxer possible in ARMS you will need to master a plethora of different mechanics that range from advanced to basic. One of the simplest is blocking, which allows users to negate the damage done to them by their opponents. However, blocking comes with a few catches that players will need to know if they wish to rise through the ranks of ARMS players.

In order to block players will need to hold the Joy-Cons like they normally would with the control sticks facing inwards. To block, turn your wrists diagonally so the top of the Joy-Con’s face inwards towards one another. This will cause your fighter to raise their guard and produce a shield in front of them that will absorb the damage thrown at them. However, this shield is not indefinite as it can only take so much damage before actually breaking and leaving that player open to a barrage of hits. If you have played any of the Super Smash Bros. titles then you will be familiar with this mechanic. Your shield’s health is indicated by the color, with blue being the high, yellow, mid, and red at a critical level. Try to never let your shield get to red, as this will tell your opponent that you cannot block more of their attacks.

It’s also important to note that your shield does not instantly regenerate, so if you’re in the yellow and drop your guard for a second that shield will still be in the yellow. This means players should be more conservative with their guards to ensure that they can always block big assaults like Rush Attacks if needed. Also, players can be grabbed if they are blocking so if you see someone with their guard raised up punish them with a well-timed throw. Try to mix and match dodging and blocking to ensure that your opponent never has the upper hand in a fight. Being predictable in a fight is the single easiest way to lose a match so never be reliant on one form of a defense, even if it’s the best in ARMS.