‘ARMS’ Controls: How to Dodge/Dash

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ARMS is the newest game by Nintendo for the Switch and it’s looking to bring chaotic, insane fights to your living room. Developed around playing a boxer with excessively lengthy arms, players must battle their way to victory via punching or grabbing their opponents. While it’s always good to be offensive in ARMS, players will need to know how to dodge or dash if they wish to be successful in tougher matches. Mobility for many of ARMS’ characters is key, as it allows them to dance around the area and dodge incoming shots from opponents. Maneuvering between blows or being able to predict movements is key, so you will need to master dashing.

In order to dash, hold the two Joy-Con controllers like you would normally with the thumbsticks facing inward. The button to dash or dodge is the skinny bumper on the top of the left Joy-Con labeled “L.” Pressing this in will cause your fighter to dash in the direction you are moving, allowing you to evade incoming blows from enemies. Dashing to the left and right are not locked to both the left and right bumper, only the left one will be used when performing this move. There is no limit to the number of times you can dash, however, some fighters have a slightly slower dash speed and will rely more on blocking attacks rather than simply weaving past them.

When in a fight it’s important to read your opponents movements, as many punches have a bit of delay from the time they are thrown out to when they actually hit. This will give nimble and eagle-eyed players a window to dodge and follow up with a counter punch. If you find yourself against a powerhouse brawler like Master Mummy, try to keep your distance and use the environment itself to your advantage. Jumping on boxes or off the ring’s trampolines will give you more maneuverability┬ábefore you need to engage. It’s important to balance both offense and defense in ARMS, as players can easily punish those that are too predictable.