‘ARMS’ Controls: How to Perform a Rush Attack


ARMS is the newest fighting game by Nintendo and this title is deceptively deep when it comes to combat. While players can perform blocks, grabs, dodges, and other basic attacks, ARMS has also implemented a “Super” mechanic called Rush Attacks. Typically in other fighting games, this will perform a rather cinematic attack that users don’t really have to worry about once it connects. In contrast, ARMS actually requires input from players once the Rush Attack begins.

In order to perform a Rush Attack, players will need to press both the Right Trigger (ZR) and the Left Trigger (ZL) at the same time on the Joy-Cons. These are the actual triggers on the controllers and when you are holding them they are located on the far ends of each Joy-Con in your hand. However, given how you are holding these remotes it can be easy to accidentally slip and hit the triggers so try to keep your thumbs on the bumpers for the majority of the fight. Once the move is actually triggered, your hero will light up with a yellow fire and attempt to hit your foe. If it connects, start throwing as many punches as you can to rack up the damage before the move finishes.

However, you cannot just Rush Attack whenever you feel like it as you’ll need to fill up a special meter in the bottom right corner of your screen. This triangle will slowly fill up over time as you throw punches and deal damage to your opponents. Once it glows yellow that means you can begin a Rush Attack whenever you hit both of the triggers at the same time. Players can also gain Rush Meter energy via items that may drop during combat that create an aura on the ground you can stand in and charge up.

Remember you can see your opponent’s Rush Attack gauge and they can see yours, so if you have it try to play it safe. Once your opponent knows you have this option, they will certainly play more cautiously and possibly block more to stop the assault. Yet, you can use this to your advantage and not activate the Rush Attack, but instead, force them on the defensive with grabs and curved punches. always threatening to unleash a devastating move can be a wonderful mind game that players can use during a fight in ARMS.