‘ARMS’ Global Testpunch: Tip and Tricks

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Another weekend of the ARMS Global Testpunch starts up today and Nintendo released a video to coincide with it. If you tried out the Testpunch last weekend, you’ll know the controls can take some getting used to, especially if you are trying out the motion controls. However, once you get the hang of the controls, it can end up being a pretty enjoyable experience.

One thing that will come as a change to players is the fact that you have to hold the Joy-Cons in a way that has your thumbs on top of the controllers with them facing you. It’s called the “Thumbs-up” and it can take a while to get used to. We suggest you try holding the Joy-Cons in this manner until you get them feeling comfortable in your hands before you jump into the fray. You can also opt to use the traditional controls if the motion controls aren’t your thing.

ARMS Controls

You can check out the full list of all the Global Testpunch times this weekend right here. If you are interested in hearing what we thought about the first weekend of the Global Testpunch, you can read that right here.

ARMS releases June 16, 2017 as a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

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Here are all of the tips Nintendo laid out in the video:

  • Dashing (L) and jumping (R) are the keys to victory
  • You can dash (L) while jumping (r) too
  • When your rush gauge is full, press (ZL) or (ZR) to unleash a rush
  • Tilt the Joy-Cons toward each other to guard
  • Hold dash (L) to charge up a charge punch
  • Hold jump (R) to charge up a charge punch
  • Bigger fighters can take a few hits without flinching
  • Different ARMS extend differently and have different speed and damage
  • Heavy ARMS will deflect lighter ones
  • When you get knocked down, you’ll get up in the direction you tilt the Joy-Cons
  • If one of your ARMS gets disable, you won’t be able to use it for a bit
  • If your opponent likes to guard, that means more chances to grab
  • Grabs can be deflected with one-arm punches
  • The longer you charge up for a charge punch, the more time you’ll have to throw one
  • The more you punch, the faster your rush gauge will fill
  • If you take too many hits while guarding, your ARMS will be disabled
  • Your own ARMS’ explosions can damage you
  • If you block a punch and then dash (L) right after, you’ll do an insta-counter
  • If you send an opponent flying, you can keep attacking them in midair
  • Unleashing a rush will deflect any incoming punches in that instant

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