Destiny: Xur Location and Gear – June 30



It’s Friday so that means everyone’s favorite merchant has made his way to the world of Destiny once more with a whole host of goodies to purchase. If you are looking to grab some new items, Xur can actually be found this week at the Vestian Outpost and not The Tower. From your spawn location head right, down the stairs, and Xur should be in the only open room that players can enter.

His gear this week includes a nice assortment of armor, but the big surprise is that Xur is selling the previously PS4 exclusive hand cannon, Hawkoon. Xur is also offering a Legacy Leg Engram for those looking to do some collecting, along with two weapon bundles that include the MIDA Multi-Tool scout rifle and the Truth rocket launcher. Both of these will come with an ornament that can be used to decorate your weapons as you see fit.

The Glasshouse

  • Roll: Intellect/Discipline
  • Armor: Helmet
  • Price: 13 Strange Coins
  • Unique Perk: Blessings of Light and Weapons of Light last longer

The Glasshouse is a wonderful Titan helmet for those wanting to participate in some PvE (Player vs. Environment) activities. While it’s only okay for The Crucible, The Glasshouse is a solid choice for anyone looking for a new exotic to run with their Defender Titan. However, the only issue with the item is that it doesn’t have any Strength stat increases, which is what you usually want for a Defender Titan. Regardless, this is a fantastic exotic that works with virtually every raid that is available to players.

Young Ahamkara’s Spine

  • Roll: Intellect/Discipline
  • Armor: Gauntlets
  • Price: 13 Strange Coins
  • Unique Perk: Increased Tripmine Grenade duration and gain an additional Tripmine Grenade charge

There was a time when Young Ahamkara’s Spine was an absolute menace in PvP thanks to how powerful Tripmines were. Since their nerf, this exotic has suffered a bit in terms of viability as their inability to consistently one shot players made Tripmines not as useful. However, this is still a decent choice if you are looking to try a new exotic in The Crucible. As for PvE, there are far better Gunslinger choices such as the Celestial Knighthawk for this class.

Starfire Protocol

  • Roll: Intellect/Discipline
  • Armor: Chest
  • Price: 13 Strange Coins
  • Unique Perk: Gain an additional Fusion Grenade charge

For Warlock’s the Starfire Protocol is an okay exotic chest piece for both PvP and PvE. While there are better pieces, the Starfire Protocol is a generally well-rounded item that is worth a pick up if you don’t already own it. While it does limit you to one class, the additional grenade charge is always welcomed if you prefer to stick your targets over the AoE (Area of Effect) grenades.


  • Primary Weapon: Hand Cannon
  • Price: 23 Strange Coins
  • Unique Perk: Two more random bullets in your magazine deal considerable bonus damage.

The formally PlayStation 4 exclusive weapon, Hawkmoon is perhaps one of the best exotic hand cannons in all of Destiny. While many hand cannons suffer at delivering consistent PvE damage, the Luck in the Chamber perk combined with Holding Aces allows players to pump out some serious damage. It may take some time to get used to the rhythm of this weapon, but once you do it will mow down any alien standing before it. Hawkmoon is also a great exotic choice for PvP since it can surprise foes with its damage output and put targets down fast if you’re accurate. Pick this weapon up if don’t own it already.

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