‘DiRT 4’ Controls: How to Change Your View While Driving

Dirt 4 Land Rush

DiRT 4 is the latest off-road racing game by developer Codemasters and with it comes a plethora of different vehicles for all types of different competitions. All of these different trucks, buggies, and cars have been beautifully rendered so if you want to see every detail consider trying out one of the six different viewpoints when driving. These allow players to see the high-speed races of DiRT 4 differently and can offer up unique challenges based on which you choose.

In order to change the perspective of your camera when driving just hit Triangle (PlayStation 4) or Y (Xbox One). This will shift the focus in real time, giving users the ability to cycle through cameras quickly even when on the move. The six different view perspectives are:

  • Standard 3rd Person View of the Car
  • Widened 3rd Person View of the Car
  • 1st Person Front of the Car
  • 1st Person Front of the Car (Hood)
  • 1st Person Front of the Car (Windshield)
  • 1st Person Inside the Car 

DiRT 4’s default view is the standard third person camera that allows players to get a good view of the car itself and the area around it. This is ideal for most players since it gives users a full of view of every turn, competitor, and the possible hazards they will encounter. Some of the levels in DiRT 4 are exceptionally tricky, as large drops or non-barricaded walls can cause a car to roll if you botch the turn.

If you are looking for a real challenge, try playing DiRT 4 in any of the first person view points as this will drastically limit your information. Being able to not look behind you and see where your opponents are can make for a tense experience, especially in close races. Having dirt kicked up in front of your camera while competing in Land Rush makes this event far more challenging, especially if you are driving one of the smaller CrossKart vehicles.

For those new to racing titles, we highly suggest sticking with the third person viewpoint since this doesn’t add any extra difficulty to races or rallies.

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