‘DiRT 4’ Mechanics: How to Customize Your Car

DiRT 4 Car

In DiRT 4 players are tasked with not only winning as many races and rallies as possible, but growing their unique brand for all of their racing fans. While you can hire a PR consultant to wine and dine better employees, one of the best ways to truly stick out is by customizing your car’s looks. Every vehicle in DiRT 4 has a unique style and design to it, however, many of them can be completely changed to represent your team and driver. To alter or redesign your car’s looks go to the Main Menu and then enter the “My Team” tab located right under “Events.” From here scroll down to “Staff and Branding” and select that to be transported to your racing squad’s hub.

From here you will be able to adjust you will have access to these five tabs:

  • Team Name
  • Team Pattern
  • Team Colors
  • Driver Details
  • Sponsors

The two you will want to focus on are Team Pattern and Colors as these will be the main areas where you customize your vehicles looks. The former are a variety of different patterns you can apply to your car in order to add a bit of flare to the paint you’ll be using. There is a total of 8 different patterns, however, sadly you cannot unlock anymore.

If you want to adjust your car’s colors go into the tab below patterns and you’ll see four separate tabs pop up. The first is your primary coat which will be the majority of your vehicle, while the next one is the secondary color added. The other two are for more minor details and accents that will help you make your car pop on the racetrack.

These colors can be controlled with a variety of sliding bars that can be found under each tab in this section. Players can also choose between a variety of paint styles such as Matte Carbon Fiber, Satin Metallic, or Gloss paint. Once you decide on what paint scheme you like simply scroll down to the bottom and hit “Apply.” While changing the look of your car has no actual benefits, it will help you stand out in big multi-vehicle races in DiRT 4.

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