E3 2017: The Funniest Tweets


For many, E3 is a time to celebrate the art of video gaming and get excited for what the medium has in store for us in the future. For many others, it’s a time to stick it to the industry one tweet at a time.

As E3 comes to a close, the annual Twitter snark-fest is slowly winding down. So let’s take a look at the funniest tweets of E3 as well as the trends that spawned those tweets.

EA Play 2017

While EA’s 2017 press conference was polished and efficient, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any silliness. Twitter users were quick to jump at the chance to make fun of one of the most infamous video game publishers.

One moment that had people reaching for their accounts was when EA brought aboard a bunch of YouTubers as part of a sizzle reel of Battlefield One. EA’s theory was to use relatable people to help build a positive association with Battlefield One, but in practice it just alienated fans. Also, the YouTuber introducing Need for Speed Payback should get a script next time.

Many people also responded to the melodrama of Madden 18’s new story mode Long Shot, the overabundance of sports games, and the mannerisms of the presenters. Also a cute girl showed up and you can already guess how the internet reacted.

Read on below for some of the funniest Tweets of EA Play 2017.



From the dumb name of the Xbox One X to T-Shirts emblazoned with “I witnessed the most powerful console ever,” Microsoft gave us no shortage of things to be snarky about.

We also got a view of people eating bananas the wrong way both virtual and literal, some excitement over the upcoming Anthem, and a particularly sassy orc form Middle Earth: Shadow of War.



While I though Bethesda’s conference was fun and exciting thanks to games like Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and The Evil Within 2, others didn’t really see it that way and took to Twitter to complain. Many others showed skepticism over Bethesda’s new Creation Club, where they work with external developers to make new content for Skyrim and Fallout 4 for people to purchase.


PC Gaming Show

Despite some cool game announcements like XCOM 2: War of the Chosen and Age of Empires Definitive Edition, many people checked out of the PC Gaming Show 2017 which means we didn’t get a whole lot of fun tweets. That doesn’t mean we didn’t get any fun tweets, however.



Ubisoft always tries to make its press conferences go viral, and it certainly does for all of the right and wrong reasons. But this year’s conference gave use things to genuinely be excited over, chiefly among those Beyond Good and Evil 2. Of course, there were plenty of other goofs to be had, especially with the announcement of the goofy Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.



Sony had an underwhelming press conference, with mostly games they already showed off at last year’s conference. But that didn’t stop people from getting excited, and it certainly didn’t stop them from cracking jokes at Sony’s expense.

Also, Crash Bandicoot himself made a grand appearance.



Nintendo gave Twitter users a cornucopia of things to tweet about. Super Mario Odyssey was a big talking point as people came to grasp with the fact that Mario can possess living beings and tanks. Two new Metroid games were also announced which means pigs are flying across the world right now. In other news, people lamented the fact that a new Animal Crossing game still doesn’t exist. And the new Mario Amiibo of Bowser, Mario, and Peach in wedding attire had people feeling thirsty.

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