Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire.

1. Starting Out

Final Fantasy XV A New Empire

Square Enix

• You’ll notice that as soon as you step into the realm of Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, you’ll already oversee a huge kingdom at your fingertips. Make sure you complete everything the game initially asks you to do. The tutorial section of the game is all about lining your in-game pockets with resources and making sure you level up your buildings quicker. Luckily, you won’t have to fret too much over monsters attacking you during your intro to the game. The 24-hour Empire Barrier you’ll be given will keep you safe.

2. Join a Guild

• Hooking up with a guild is a necessity in A New Empire. The benefits of aligning yourself with a guild includes receiving 100 Gold for just joining one, getting free speed up boosts for your quest timers, getting gifts from fellow guild members, gaining access to the Guild Store earning Loyalty Points by aiding your allies. When you get a red number notification on your Guild Tab, take care of that request immediately. That request is probably someone asking for help straight from the “Guild Help” tab. Helping them out means you’ll acquire more Loyalty, which can be used to purchase items from the Guild Store. Loyalty also allows you to activate your VIP Subscription, speed up the completion time for a Hero Quest and refresh quests so you can get even better ones to complete. It’s hard to hit the Daily Loyalty limit in the Guild Help section, but try hitting that goal anyway.

3. Complete Different Types of Quests

Final Fantasy XV A New Empire

Square Enix

• Clicking on the Quests tab will allow you to choose from a variety of quests to complete – Empire Quests, Hero Quests, Guild Quests and VIP Quests. Empire Quests usually entail you building and upgrading everything set up within your Empire. Hero Quests are broken down into one of these varieties – Basic, Common and Uncommon. Each of them is tied to a time limit that you have to wait out until it’s finished. Guild Quests act in the same manner. You can take on quests from each category (Empire, Hero, Guild and VIP), but only one quest from this category (Basic, Common and Uncommon) at a time.

4. Take on Recommended Quests

• Take note of the quests that pop up on the screen where you’re looking over your empire. The recommended quests appear right over the global chat tab. These quests are always Empire Quests, so tapping on them means you’ll be taken straight to the quest at hand. Completing it is a breeze since you’ll get a free Speed Up that can can used as soon as you get it. So chances are you’ll get to upgrade a ton of your buildings to higher levels during your 1st day with the game.

5. Do Your Research & Strengthen Your Troops at the Training Grounds

Final Fantasy XV A New Empire

Square Enix

• Your University is the main hub area for conducting research upgrades for your empire. Your research can be applied to four different categories – Economics, Combat, Defense and Hero. Each of these four elements play a huge part in helping keep your empire safe. For example, upgrading the Hero Tab lets you research things such as Monster Tactics. This ability gives your Hero the chance to fend off Level One creatures out on the Realm Map. By the way, make sure your hero is kept in tip top shape by clicking on the Hero Profile face tab at the top left of your screen. The AP you gain from completing Hero Quests helps unlock new skills for your current hero.

• The Training Grounds is definitely one of the forts you’ll want to focus your upgrading efforts on. A better Training Ground means you’ll get to boost up your Training Queue and fasten up the Training Speed percentage. You’ll get to train one troop at a time. Those troop types are broken down into Warriors, Mages, Cavalry and Siege Engines. Here’s the troop type strength/weakness chart breakdown:

– Warriors are strong against Cavalry and Siege Engines, but weak against Mages and Traps
– Mages are strong against Warriors and Siege Engines, but weak against Cavalry and Traps
– Cavalry are strong against Mages and Siege Engines, but weak against Warriors and Traps
– Siege Engines are strong against Traps, but weak against Warriors, Cavalry and Mages

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