‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Bridal Blessings: Should You Summon?

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Fire Emblem Heroes has a new summoning focus that includes characters dressed in wedding gowns. This is similar to the Spring Festival summoning focus in which previously released characters (with one new one) came donning bunny outfits and Easter-themed weaponry.

Should you summon from this focus? That may be a good idea since the heroes may not appear again in a summoning event just like the Spring Festival heroes. But are they worth summoning? Let’s take a look.

Bridal Caeda

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(Screenshot by Jack Fennimore)

Caeda is the fastest mage and the third fastest unit in the game so far, getting up to 40 speed with a favorable IV in that stat. This makes her double attack on nearly any opponent she goes up against and is prevented from being double attacked in return. She also gets a weapon that can grant nearby allies extra defenses and her special skill Iceberg takes advantage of her high resistance to boost her attack. She also gets the self-explanatory skill of Attack/Res +2 and Hone Speed to boost the speed of adjacent allies.

However, despite her high resistance her HP is the lowest among mages and her defense is low as well, making her susceptible to physical attackers and anyone with a brave weapon who can attack before she counterattacks. She also doesn’t have nearly enough attack to capitalize on her speed even with the plus two attack from her skill. Also her weapon isn’t all that strong.

Caeda is essentially another glass cannon mage, meaning that she has a lot of competition from other glass cannon units like Linde and Nino. She’s an alright pick, but she’ll need a lot of investment with inherited skills to bring out the best in her. This includes replacing her weapon with the far more useful Blarblade+, replacing Attack/Res +2 with Life and Death or Triangle Adept, and adding Desperation. You can also replace Hone Speed with Threaten Resistance if you want to make her a more effective attacker.

Make sure she has high IVs in either attack or speed and low IVs in defense. You can click here for an IV calculator.

Bridal Charlotte

fire emblem heroes bridal blessings, fire emblem heroes charlotte

(Screenshot by Jack Fennimore)

Charlotte sports very high attack and HP as well as a respectable speed stat. Her HP is perfect for Reciprocal Aid or Ardent Sacrifice, allowing her to heal teammates at the cost of her own health. Though her default support skill of Smite is also useful for increasing the mobility of teammates. And her speed means she won’t receive so many double attacks as other lance units. She also gets Threaten Attack which lowers the attack of opponents and Wind Boost which boosts her speed so long as she has three more HP than the opponent.

While she has high HP, her low resistance and defense means she can’t tank as effectively as other lance units. This means that she can’t take advantage of her signature skill Wind Boost as much as she should. And her speed isn’t enough to escape being doubled by speedy mages like Linde.

While she faces competition from bulkier and more powerful lance units like Effie and faster units like Cordelia, she is still a pretty competent unit. She just needs investment to get the most out of her. This includes giving her Luna and Lancebreaker. Also replace Wind Boost with Death Blow and her default weapon of First Bite with Brave Lance+ or Killer Lance+.

Try to get a Charlotte with high attack or speed IVs and low resistance IVs.

Bridal Cordelia

fire emblem heroes bridal blessings, fire emblem heroes cordelia

(Screenshot by Jack Fennimore)

Cordelia ditches her Pegasus and grabs a bow to become one of the best archer units in the game. She has fantastic attack and speed allowing her to double attack units from a distance. Her colorless damage also has no weaknesses in the weapon triangle (except from units with “raven” tomes) meaning that her attack isn’t impeded by most units and she doesn’t take as much damage from them. She also gets an incredible rally skill that raises the attack and speed of a unit by three as well as Escape Route to warp to teammates when below half HP and Breath of Life which can heal adjacent allies when attacking.

However, her low defense and resistance makes her weak to physical attacks. And while she gets no weaknesses from colorless damage, she doesn’t get any strengths either. She can also be decimated by anyone with a “raven” tome. Her skills, while good, are also easily replaced by more useful skills.

Despite that, she still lives up to her title as the “Perfect Bride.” Give her the Brave Bow+ so she attacks four times in one turn if she has five speed higher than the opponent in spite of the drop in speed with the weapon. Also give her Luna as a special skill and either Life and Death or Death Blow. Then replace Escape Route with Desperation and Breath of Life with Threaten Speed.

Cordelia would appreciate high IVs in attack or speed and low IVs in either defense or resistance.

Bridal Lyn

fire emblem heroes bridal blessings, fire emblem heroes lyn

(Screenshot by Jack Fennimore)

Healers aren’t popular in the metagame of Fire Emblem Heroes, but Lyn is one of the best ones. Her Candlelight weapon gives enemies a debuff that prevents them from counterattacking, essentially giving other teammates a free hit. Dazzling Light prevents herself from being counterattacked, allowing her to debuff enemies without retaliation. Rehabilitate is one of the best healing skills in the game and her Swift-Winds Balm special skill grants all allies extra speed for one turn. She’s also tied with Maria as the fastest healer, which allows her to double attack without being double attacked in return. She also has high HP and above average defense.

The only problem is that she has low resistance, making her vulnerable to powerful mages. And while she’s more powerful than other healers, her attack is still pretty average limiting her offensive options. She also has a low base stat total, meaning you won’t get as many points if you play in the arena. She also falls into the biggest problem facing all healers: it may not be worth it to swap out an offensive unit with something that’s not as geared for offense in one of the team slots.

Despite that, she’s perfect for someone looking for a support unit with a bit more offensive presence. Give her Attack +3 as well as Threaten Resistance for more offensive potential. You can swap out Dazzling Staff with Wrathful Staff which calculates staff damage as if it were any other weapon nullifying the penalty and dealing much more damage. You can also swap out Swift-Winds Balm with Miracle to give her more survivability.

Lyn is best with high IVs in attack or speed and low IVs in HP or resistance.


The Bridal Blessings heroes are all highly offensive units with low defenses, making them risk/reward characters which are popular in the Fire Emblem Heroes metagame. Caeda and Charlotte are good units, but there are many other units like them that do their jobs better. Cordelia and Lyn, however, shouldn’t be passed up as they are some of the most impressive units at what they do. But no matter who you pick, you need hefty investment for each hero in order for them to be the best they can be. If you do summon, be sure to do so with mostly colorless orbs so you can get Cordelia and Lyn.

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