‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Tempest Trials Summoning Focus: Should You Pull?

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With the arrival of the Tempest Trials event for Fire Emblem Heroes, a new summoning focus has been released for Robin (Male), Lucina, Tharja, and Nowi from Fire Emblem: Awakening. This means that you’ll have a slightly higher chance of summoning these heroes. Not only that, but they are currently bonus heroes in Tempest Trials earning you 40 percent more points if you use them in battle at least once.

Should you spend your precious orbs in this summoning focus? Read on to find out.


Fire Emblem Heroes, fire emblem heroes lucina


Lucina is one of the fastest attackers in the game, and backs that up with impressive attack and HP. Her blade Falchion not only heals her after every three turns but also does monstrous damage to dragon units. She also gets access to Luna, one of the most powerful special skills in the game. While her defenses are below average and she has a lot of competition from other sword users like Ryoma, she’s still one of the most threatening sword users in the game.

Have her inherit Life and Death to give her all the speed and power she needs without having to get down to half HP with Defiant Speed. Fury also works well if you want to buff all her stats at the cost of taking damage every turn, which shouldn’t be too much of a problem because of the effect of Falchion. Desperation will ensure that she gets to take down opponents with a double attack before they even touch her so long as she has five extra speed than the opponent and she’s at less than 75 percent HP. Spur Attack allows her to support teammates as well by boosting their attack when standing next to them. Ardent Sacrifice allows her to both heal teammates and activate Desperation by lowering her own HP.

Make sure her IVs favor speed, as she will be able to outspeed most of the competition for double attacks. Any one of her stats could be lowered, but see if you can get a bane to defense or resistance. To find out which IVs your units have, use this IV calculator.

Robin (Male)

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Robin (Male) has surprisingly high defense for a mage, and overall has balanced stats. That, combined with his Blarraven+ allowing him to take advantage of colorless units as well as red ones, makes him a very useful and versatile attacker especially against popular fighters in the game. However, his speed is average meaning that he’ll get double attacked often even with Defiant Speed. He also wishes that he had more attack. This means that he has a lot of competition from other, more powerful blue mages like Linde. Despite that, he’s still a solid pick if you need something to counter popular fighters like Lucina or Takumi. If anything, he’s worth pulling just so another unit can inherit his weapon and special skill.

Moonbow works well as a special skill, but Bonfire is also serviceable as it takes advantage of his high defense to boost his damage. Draw Back gives him more options to support teammates by pulling them out of danger. Give him Triangle Adept and Swordbreaker so he can be an even bigger threat for red sword units. Then add Threaten Resistance to give him even more power.

A high speed IV will allow him to escape more double attacks. His stats are so balanced that he can take a low IV in any other stat.


fire emblem heroes nowi, fire emblem tharja, tharja


Tharja is the fastest red mage unit a great mage unit overall. While she’s not as strong or fast as her rivals Linde and Nino, she’s a great check for many threats in the game including Hector, Ryoma, and Takumi. She also has good physical bulk as well as exclusive access to Rauorblade+, which adds the total bonuses on her to her damage output in addition to increase in damage she gets with buffs already. Darting Blow ensures that she gets to double most opponents, Spur resistance boosts the resistance of adjacent allies, and Vengeance works well with her bulk boosting her damage the lower her HP is. Her biggest weakness, however, is her low resistance which means that she’ll crumble against blue mages like Reinhardt or anyone with a “Brave” weapon who can strike before she gets a chance to retaliate. Despite that, she’s still a great mage that requires little investment to get the most out of her.

Have her inherit Draw Back to help her teammates out. Fury will boost all her stats at the cost of taking damage every turn and Swordbreaker will give her a better chance to check popular sword users.

Tharja will appreciate high IVs in attack and speed and can live with low IVs in defense and resistance.


fire emblem heroes nowi, fire emblem nowi, nowi


Nowi is one of the best dragons in the game with a whopping 177 stat total, allowing her to both dish out huge damage and take it with her high attack, HP, defense, and resistance. As a blue unit that does magical damage, she’s a great counter to powerful red and even blue units. Lightning Breath+ allows her to counterattack regardless of range, making her a threat to both melee and magic units. Rally Defense gives allies four extra defense allowing them to tank hits as well and Threaten Resistance opens up opponents to even more damage. Unfortunately, she’s let down by her below average speed, making her vulnerable to being double attacked. Despite that, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Have her inherit Reposition so she can get teammates out of a jam and Moonbow to boost her already devastating attacks. Fury increases all her stats at the cost of taking damage while Triangle Adept boosts her damage against red units while being more susceptible to green units. Swordbreaker will give her a better chance at countering Falchion users who do extra damage against her while Quick Riposte or Vantage works well with her enhance ability to counterattack.

She works best with a high IV in speed and can take a low IV in resistance.


The Tempest Trials summoning focus is worth pulling from because it offers fantastic heroes that are very useful against many of the popular threats in the game. Even if you got these heroes before from other summoning focuses, it’s worth pulling from this one again so you can get a unit with a better IV spread or merge them together to make one powerful unit. And since Tempest Trials offers bonuses if you use any of these heroes, it sweetens the deal even more. If you do summon, be sure to summon from mostly red and blue orbs so you have a chance to pull these heroes.