Fire Emblem Heroes War of the Clerics Healers Ranked

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The War of the Clerics Voting Gauntlet in Fire Emblem Heroes pits popular healers against each other as teams duke it out to support their favorites. But which one should you side with? Read this in-depth character guide to find out who are the best healers in the voting gauntlet.

8. Lachesis

fire emblem heroes lachesis, fire emblem heroes war of the clerics, fire emblem heroes voting gauntlet


Lachesis is good on paper as she has among the highest attack stats among healers, allowing her to serve as both a healer and a magical damage attack unit. She also has high resistance and decent defense and HP. However, all of those perks are hindered by her relatively low speed. This means that she will not only be unable to hit most of the other heroes in the game with follow-up attacks, but most of the other heroes will be able to make her crumble with follow-up attacks. Add to that a base kit of skills that aren’t that useful, and you have the lease viable hero on this list. You could have her inherit Wrathful Staff from Genny to do more damage and make her much more viable, but there are better heroes to give that skill.

7. Lissa

fire emblem heroes lissa, fire emblem heroes war of the clerics, fire emblem heroes voting gauntlet


Lissa has similar stats to Lachesis but has high defense and low attack instead of the other way around. This combined with her high resistance and HP as well as Renewal makes her a surprisingly bulky healer. She also has access to Rehabilitate, one of the best healing skills in the game which can heal teammates to full HP if their HP is below 50 percent enough. She also has Gravity which prevents the foe from moving more than one space on their turn. However, she suffers from the same problem as Lachesis in that she has low speed, hampering her ability to both attack and defend. Plus, in order to use her to her fullest, you’re going to have to replace Renewal with Dazzling Staff from Bridal Lyn which prevents the enemy from counterattacking or Live to Serve which heals both the teammate and Lissa. You’re better off sacrificing Lissa to have another unit like Nowi or Sharena inherit Renewal.

6. Mist

fire emblem heroes mist, fire emblem heroes war of the clerics, fire emblem heroes voting gauntlet


Ike’s sister Mist has the fifth highest resistance in the game. Add to that her high HP and she’s very hard to kill with mages, dragons, and other healers. She also starts off with the useful Recover skill which heals a solid 15 HP, Miracle which has her survive an otherwise lethal attack with 1 HP remaining, and Spur Defense/Resistance which grants adjacent allies +3 to both Defense and Resistance if they’re in combat when she’s next to them. However, she has low physical defense and is susceptible to double attacks. Also, she doesn’t have enough attack to kill the high resistance mages she’s protected from even with Wrathful Staff. Plus, Miracle has a long cooldown meaning that she might be killed before she has a chance to use it and Recover isn’t as useful as the high risk/reward Rehabilitate and Martyr skills. Despite that, she’s still a good pick for your team, especially one vulnerable against mages.

5. Sakura

fire emblem heroes sakura, fire emblem heroes war of the clerics, fire emblem heroes voting gauntlet


Sakura is a well-balanced healer with access to very useful skills right off the bat. Fortify Defense raises the defense of all adjacent allies by 4 at the start of the turn. Still-Water Balm is a special skill with a one turn cooldown that grants all allies extra +4 resistance regardless of distance after healing an ally. She also gets Fear which hampers the attack of opponents. However, because she’s so balanced, she not as effective as more specialized units. Nevertheless, she’s a solid unit to have.

4. Maria

fire emblem heroes maria, fire emblem heroes war of the clerics, fire emblem heroes voting gauntlet


Maria not only has high resistance as well as respectable HP but is also the fastest healer in the game tied with Bridal Lyn. This not only means that less units will double attack her but she can double attack herself. She also has access to Miracle and can speed up the otherwise long cooldown due to her ability to double attack. All of this pairs nicely with Dazzling Staff if you can inherit it off of Bridal Lyn. She also has Fortify Resistance which helps teammates with the pesky mages that have become so popular in the game. Unfortunately, she has very low defenses meaning that she’ll shatter against most melee units and archers. Her attack could also be a bit higher. Despite that, she’s still a great healer to have made even better if you can give her Dazzling Staff.

3. Priscilla

fire emblem heroes priscilla, fire emblem heroes war of the clerics, fire emblem heroes voting gauntlet


As a cavalry unit, Priscilla can move one extra space than her infantry counterparts. But best of all, she can be buffed by the powerful Hone/Fortify Cavalry skill. The only weakness she has as a cavalry is that she can’t go through spaces with trees. She also has well-balanced stats as well as access to the powerful Rehabilitate, Still-Water Balm, Spur Defense which grants adjacent allies +3 defense during battle, and Panic which turns enemy buffs into debuffs. Priscilla is essentially an enhanced version of Sakura. While she’s very frail, she’s still a great healer to have on your team.

2. Clarine

fire emblem heroes clarine, fire emblem heroes war of the clerics, fire emblem heroes voting gauntlet


Another great cavalry healer, Clarine has all of the same perks as Priscilla. However, her stats are even more balanced giving her respectable speed to double attack and be protected against double attacks. She also has access to Martyr which restores 7 HP plus her suffered damage while also healing herself (essentially giving her the Live to Serve perk) as well as Fear and Swift-Winds Balm which is similar to Still-Water balm only it raises speed instead of resistance of all allies including her. She’s also more likely to be found via summoning than other healers giving you more allies to merge. However, she could use more HP and she can only run Wrathful Staff if you use Hone Cavalry thanks to her relatively low attack. But just have her inherit HP +5 and Hone Cavalry as well as Dazzling Staff if you have it, put her on a team with other cavalry units, and you should be good to go.

1. Elise

fire emblem heroes elise, fire emblem heroes war of the clerics, fire emblem heroes voting gauntlet


Elise receives top honors on this list because she’s both a great cavalry healer and a scary damage dealer. Her attack, speed, and resistance are all well balanced and are among the highest of her class. But if you add Wrathful Staff, Attack +3, and buff her with Hone Cavalry, you’ll unlock her full potential as a fighter. She also has access to the solid Recover skill and Kindled-Fire Balm which raises the attack of all allies by 4 after healing, which is perfect for the more offensively focused cavalry teams. The only problem is that she’s hard to obtain as she’s only available as a 5 star unit, and her HP and defense are pitiful. But make no mistake as she’s one of the best healers in the game with the proper investment.

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