‘Friday The 13th: The Game’ Double XP Event and Retro Skin Announced

Jason Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th: The Game has had one of the rockiest starts of any game in recent memory, yet developer Gun Media have been working tirelessly to fix a lot of the launch bugs. While many of them have been ironed out for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One, the developers have decided to thank their dedicated userbase with a special event.

Announced today via Twitter, there will be a Double XP weekend that starts on June 23 and runs until June 25 for those lagging behind. Players are also getting a plethora of free goodies tomorrow that includes:

  • 13,000 Credits 
  • 2 New Outfits Per Counselor
  • Retro Jason Skin 

All of these items have been confirmed to be free and they will be available June 20 to all Friday The 13th players regardless of what system you own or if you decided to pre-order the game. Given it can take a long time to earn credits, being able to instantly buy a plethora of Jason kills or roll for a bunch of Perks will be great for those struggling. The double experience is also welcomed as Friday The 13th: The Game can be a bit of a tedious grind to level up in if you have a bad team or a very skilled Jason player stalking you. Since most of the counselors, outfits, and better Jasons are locked at the higher ranks, this will be great for those who are getting a bit tired of using the same characters.

Retro Jason Friday the 13th

Of course, the big announcement is the inclusion of the “Retro Jason Skin” that is a clear homage to the original Friday The 13th game that was released back in 1989. While the original game was considered by many to be a poor interpretation, it had a certain charm that made it quite memorable such as the blue looking Jason. The original Chiptune Track from the 1989 game will also be returning, however, it’s unclear if picking this Jason will change the entire soundtrack of the match or just Jasons.

If you’re looking to get back into Friday The 13th: The Game, there is no better time than now.

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