Friday The 13th: The Game: Here Are the Best Perks to Use


Friday The 13th: The Game is a multiplayer focused title that tasks players with either surviving the night as a camp counselor or killing everyone you come across as the iconic slasher Jason Voorhees. While survivors have a plethora of tools and mechanics at their disposal, their ability to equip passive bonuses called Perks gives them a much-needed edge. These can only be earned by spending credits and they’re randomly given out, making it difficult to nab all of them if you’re a collector.

Perks also have a rarity scale that features five different levels that a Perk can be handed out as. These rarity levels are:

  • Poor – White
  • Common – Blue
  • Uncommon – Yellow
  • Rare – Orange
  • Epic – Red

Perks can offer players anything from starting with key items, better combat skills, or general bonuses to how their gear functions in the field. Yet, every Perk also has a negative factor players have to weigh in such as increased damage taken or a reduced car speed. The rarer the Perk the harder it is to obtain, however, anything that is Rare or above rarely has any real negative side effects. Since players only have three slots, it’s incredibly important to select the right Perks for the job, otherwise, you won’t be making it to the sequel.

Here are our choices for the best Perks in Friday The 13th: The Game:

  • Medic – This is perhaps the single best Perk in the entire game and every player should try to obtain this special passive as soon as possible. Medic’s ability not only increases the healing effects of Medical Spray, but allows you to get two uses out of a single can. This is essentially adding a fourth slot to your character and allows you to carry more useful items down the road. The negative is more damage taken, but if you get an Epic tier version this number is not significant enough to make a big impact. Seriously, this Perk should almost always be equipped on a counselor, regardless of your build.


  • My Dad’s a Cop – This Perk is fairly straight forward as it reduces the time is takes for police to arrive after you’ve called them on the phone. Since the cops are undoubtedly the best option for surviving, this makes My Dad’s a Cop a good escape focused Perk. The only downside is that your car speed is reduced, but truthfully getting away from Jason in a vehicle is more about outmaneuvering him then speeding away.


  • Lone Wolf – While it’s always good to travel in pairs, Lone Wolf offers players a sizable fear resistance when they are on their own. This makes it harder for Jason to spot them which is absolutely vital as the later stages of a match progress and fewer counselors are around. If you’re running a stealth based hero like A.J. then we recommend grabbing Lone Wolf since you’ll typically be on your own anyway.


  • Sneaky – Also in the stealth Perk group, Sneaky lets players climb through windows and hiding spots faster with only a penalty to damage taken offered. Since you will be chased by Jason a lot in Friday The 13th: The Game, this can be the difference between getting grabbed or escaping. For anyone not looking to actually stun or slug it out with Jason, Sneaky is a nice robust Perk that comes in handy quite a lot as the game progresses.


  • Hypochondriac – For this Perk, players are given healing spray at the start of the match for a minor penalty to their damage taken. While this ability is useful on its own, it combos wonderfully with the Medic Perk, ensuring you won’t need to waste any time scavaging in bathrooms for healing items when Jason is chasing you. However, if you want a different item this can easily be substituted for Preparedness (start with a map), Psychic (start with a walkie talkie), or Slugger (start with a baseball bat).


  • Sucker Punch – For a more brute force build, Sucker Punch increased your chance to stun Jason when he is hit. Combining this with high stun weapons like a baseball bat or wrench offers any strength character a real chance at stopping Jason if they land their hit first. Use this with high Luck or high Strength based characters to really maximize its effectiveness.


  • Low Profile – This Perk gives you a chance to not show up when Jason uses his Sense ability, but at the penalty of having your sprint speed decreased. If you give this to a character with a stealth build it can be really annoying for a Jason to deal with since it will make you difficult to pin down, especially if you’re hiding in a camp or out in the woods where there is very little reason to run anyway. Plus, as a bonus you get increased crouch speed with is always nice.
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