Friday The 13th: The Game: Retro Jason Patch Delayed For Xbox One

Jason Friday the 13th

The Xbox One has been running into a plethora of issues regarding Friday The 13th: The Game. A few days ago Illfonic and Gun Media released a video thanking fans for their continued support of the game despite the constant bugs and other issues that have plagued the game since launch.

A new update was released today that gives players 13,000 credits, two new outfits per counselor (extra Chad costumes!), and a new, but old, Retro Jason skin based on his sprite from the NES game. All of this sounds great if you’re playing on the PS4 or PC. A double experience weekend is also set for this weekend. Unfortunately, the Xbox One patch is not arriving on time.

The news was announced in a Facebook post today, and here’s part of what it says.

Unfortunately, our patch that was to include the Retro Jason has not passed certification for Xbox One. This was due in part to some instability of the new content AND the memory leak issue mentioned below. This is an unfortunate turn of events, as we had hoped to add the skin and content while continuing to work on these issues, however, this has become our top priority for Xbox One users. We’ve narrowed some memory leak crashes down, and we are currently back in certification and are hoping to have the new content out to you just as soon as we can, however, we are not certain when that will be.

The Xbox One version is still plagued with performance issues that were supposed to have been fixed with the previous patch but that still hasn’t been the case. The bugs don’t affect all players but it’s severe enough to keep targeting patches to fix the issues.

The developers say that once the patch passes certification on Xbox One, it can be available as early as tomorrow morning, or go into Thursday or later.

Here’s what we do know. We failed certification, we then immediately put in some quick fixes and re-submitted for certification with MS early this morning. Tomorrow morning (Wednesday) we will get an update from MS on this patch. If everything checks out and we pass, then Retro Jason will be available within that patch. This could be same day or Thursday morning. However, if we fail certification again, we will continue to work on fixes to get this content out ASAP.

It’s nice to see all the work the developers are putting into fixing their game but they still have a long way to go.

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