‘Heroes of the Storm’ Celebrates New Hero With Malthael’s Bargain

Heroes of the Storm

Coming off the heels of the success of Heroes of the Storm’s Nexus Challenge 2.0, Blizzard is keeping the ball rolling with Malthael’s Bargain. This event is a cross-promotion with Diablo 3 and Heroes of the Storm, likely being used as a way to grow the Heroes playerbase. The previous promotion allowed players to unlock skins for Overwatch by playing Heroes of the Storm.

From June 13 through June 26, you’ll have the opportunity to earn Ghost Kerrigan Wings in Diablo 3 by playing 15 games with a friend in Versus AI, Quickmatch, Ranked, or Unranked Draft as Diablo heroes. Don’t let the fact that you need a friend discourage you, you’ll likely find many other people in the same boat as you trying to complete the challenge who would be more than happy to be your friend for 15 games.

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