‘Injustice 2’: Here Is Red Hood’s Release Date

Injustice 2 Red Hood

There are a lot of popular DC heroes and villains that have made their way into developer NetherRealm Studio’s premiere fighting game Injustice 2. Introduced back in 2005 via the Batman #635 comic book, the Red Hood took DC readers by storm, garnering legions of fans and even his own animated film. Possibly one of the most requested characters for this fighting game, players finally have a more in-depth look and understanding for this fighter via the Red Hood live stream.

This fighter is able to zone opponents with a mix of his Gotham Stars (Red Hood’s version of Batarangs) and his pistols. However unlike Deadshot, Red Hood does not just rely on his projectiles to suppress his foes, as he can deal a hefty amount of mid-range damage. Many of his attacks allow him to juggle opponents into the air via mines and he can even grab foes out of the air. His character power activates two tasers on the back of his firearms, which can be used for additional damage and combos.

Red Hood appears to be an interesting mix of Deadshot and Robin, as he can produce some seriously deadly combos but also keep foes at bay. Some of his normals are also focused around risk vs reward, as they can leave him exposed if the player doesn’t commit to follow-up attacks.

Red Hood is set to release worldwide Tuesday, June 13 if you have purchased the Injustice 2 Deluxe Edition, Ultimate Edition, or Fighter Pack 1. However, if you want to just play the character and do not own any of these versions then you’ll have to wait an additional week to use him. There will also be a Multiverse event next week that will focus around this hero and let players try him out beforehand. Sadly, there was no word on whether Starfire or Sub-Zero will release around this time as well, even though they are apart of Fighter Pack 1. They did confirm during the stream that these two DLC characters will receive their own Watchtower live stream in the future.

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