‘Injustice 2’ & ‘Tekken 7’: Which Fighter Is For You?

Tekken 7

This year has a strong lineup of fighters coming out. We’ve already had the release of Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers for the Switch, Injustice 2, Tekken 7 and we have ARMS coming up later this month. Most people don’t have their hands on a Switch yet so we’re going to zone in on two of this year’s biggest fighters: Injustice 2 and Tekken 7.¬†Many fans will no doubt be picked up both titles but for those of you who aren’t doing that, we’re going to do our best to help you figure out which one you should get.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at Injustice 2 and Tekken 7.

Right off the bat, Injustice 2 has the eye of the casual player due to its roster of DC Comics fighters. Even if you aren’t a fan of fighting games, you know who Batman and Superman are which bodes well for NetherRealm Studios’ newest title. On the other hand, we have Tekken on its seventh main installment, if you have at least a basic understanding of video games, you’ve probably heard of the Tekken series.

Injustice 2 Harley

Injustice 2

If you’re going strictly off visuals, it’s a hard choice. On consoles, we have Tekken 7 outputting at a 720p resolution on Xbox One and 900p on PS4. This isn’t ideal for current-gen consoles but the game still looks nice. Injustice 2 runs at 900p on Xbox One, 1080p on a base PS4 and 1440p on a PS4 Pro. This makes the game look better by default, if you’re judging things only from resolutions. However, Tekken 7 has an ace up its sleeve in the PC version which allows for a full 4K resolution. Also, Injustice 2 doesn’t have a PC version, at least not yet. So, in the visual standpoint we give the edge to Injustice 2 for consoles but Tekken 7 for PC.

In you’re more of a single-player kind of gamer, Injustice 2 has you covered with another strong story, something that has been a staple of NetherRealm Studios titles as of late. Injustice 2 picks up where the first left off and weaves a strong narrative featuring many of your favorite voice actors from the DC Universe and scary realistic renders of the characters. It definitely sports one of the best stories we’ve seen in fighting game.

Tekken 7 has your run-of-the-mill story that basically allows you play many of the characters in one battle sequences. We don’t really learn much about the characters throughout the story and it is a pretty short story at that. Tekken 7 gave us a bunch of new characters but no substance to go with them. Injustice 2 comes with a built-in story for its roster of characters so it takes the edge in the single-player department.

For die-hards of the fighting genre, you might find yourself drawn more to Tekken 7. The series has been building its near-perfect gameplay for years, in fact, they’ve pretty much nailed the fighting genre and it’s hard for other games to compete with it. Tekken 7 definitely feels and looks like a more competitive fighter. Injustice 2, we mean this in the least offensive way possible, feels like it caters more to the casual fighting fans. It gives us flashy moves super moves that will burn off a huge chunk of a health bar along with giving us a lengthy cutscene to go with with it.

Tekken 7 is just straight up fighting while Injustice 2 allows you to interact with the environment through stage transitions and throwing items. You won’t see a whole lot of juggling combos in Tekken 7, it is barebones fighting, for better or worse. It feels like anybody has a chance in any given match while Tekken 7 will reward the more experienced player the victory almost every time. This just boils down to what you’re looking for in a fighter. We just think we’ll see more esports competitions involving Tekken 7 than Injustice 2.

Tekken 7 Fighter

Tekken 7

If you’re in the game for loot, Injustice 2 wins hands down. It features a wide variety of customization and gives you tons of different things to choose from ranging from new chest pieces, moves, leg pieces, etc. There’s a ton of stuff in Injustice 2. Tekken 7 will give you different clothes that make your character look straight up ridiculous. Nothing will effect the stats on the fighters in Tekken 7 but Injustice 2 offers new gear that will increase the power of your fighter.

You really can’t go wrong with either title and you will find hours upon hours of fun with either one. We think the more die-hard players of the genre will gravitate toward Tekken 7 while more casual players will pick up Injustice 2. You know what you’re getting with Tekken – strong core gameplay and basically more of the same that we got with previous games in the series. Injustice 2 builds on its predecessor by adding in a gear system and having yet another strong storyline.

Both games will have a dedicated playerbase, which will you choose? Let us know in the comments below.